The ezWalker

The Custom Orthotic Made Just For You

By definition of the word, a foot orthotic is a custom-molded device specifically designed for the individual. It is custom cast and fabricated independently for each foot, similar to prescription eye glasses, to assure each foot is receiving the support it needs to help the rest of the body with alignment, balance and stability. Unlike over-the-counter alternatives, the ezWalker orthotics are designed, created and worn with just you in mind.

ezWalker custom orthotic

All Custom Orthotics Are Not Created Equal

The ezWalker® Custom Performance Orthotic is designed on the principle of using the proper biomechanical positioning of your feet from the beginning. The impression process takes the guesswork out of making sure your molds are correct for the fabrication of your orthotics. Better impressions make better orthotics that will allow for proper motion of your feet and aligned support for your entire body.

ezWalker orthotic

custom orthotic for walking

Designed for All – Made for You

Everyone can benefit from using ezWalker® Custom Orthotics – whether your goal is to help alleviate the pain of a chronic condition or to be proactive against such problems. A properly designed custom orthotic placed in your shoes can help relieve the pain and pressure of hurting feet as well as protect healthy feet from becoming damaged over time.

ezWalker® Custom Orthotics help you put your best foot forward every step of every day. The custom crafted design lifts, aligns and supports your feet to alleviate pressure throughout your body. You only get one pair of feet, and they work very hard for you to be able to live an active life, so why not take care of them like they take care of you?