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If you experience heel pain from:

Inflammation due to heel pain
Plantar Fasciitis
The inflamed plantar fascia
Calcaneal bursitis
Heel bruises
Linited defined arch pain
Related discomforts
You need HTM Heel Seats for pain relief and, more importantly, improved foot function.

The patented and clinically proven Faciitis Bar design provides continuous and focused application of acupressure directly beneath the calcaneus-midfoot connection (where the heel meets the arch of the foot) to:

Pick up and re-stretch the plantar fascia (arch ligament).
Redistribute the heel’s fat pad actually increasing its density.
Provide natural structural reinforcement to prevent partial collapse of the midfoot.
Easily fits into any shoe.
Works while standing, walking or running. HTP Heel Seat fixes as you walk or run, providing jut the right amount of support as your weight shifts during the gait cycle without interfering with the fit of the shoe.
Made from KRATON, specially researched and formulated to meet stringent anatomical specifications.
Washable and durable for long-term use.
Affordable price – put a set in every pair of shoes.
Relief of pain, even long standing pain.

HTP Heel Seats Sizing Chart

Size Children Women Men
Small 13 Up to 6
Medium 7 to 10 5 to 8
Large 10 and Up 9 to 12
Extra Large 13 and Up

1 review for HTP Heel Seats

  1. Douglas

    My Honey/Hubby jogs, cycles, is on his feet most of the day, rlnectey had hip replacement surgery (and this summer he will be having his other hip replaced! – so these would be great for him…They would also be perfect for me: I have especially high arches and an injured left foot that will always be painful…add add to that that as a Pisces I was born with tempermental feet (!) and they sound like heaven to me!jessterlyn(at)aol(dot)com

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