ezWalker® Custom Performance Orthotic for Casual/Athletic

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The ezWalker® Performance custom orthotic Sport/Casual is designed for men or women using our bio-mechanically better way to capture the mold of your feet. It’s ultra thin, 3/4 length and will fit in all athletic and/or casual shoes with ease. The ezWalker Sport/Casual can be placed under the existing removable insole of the shoe for a support base unlike any other custom orthotic. If the existing insole is not removable, simply place your ezWalker directly in the shoe adding custom support and comfort in an instant. If you have a backless casual shoe such as in the case of a clog, it will be necessary to place a small piece of Velcro between the shoe and the arch support for a secure fit.

It is important to understand the fundamentals of proper shoe fit to make your ezWalker experience the best it can be. Have your fit checked regularly and understand the size on the measuring device is only a reference. Mass manufactured shoes are NOT all created equal. Refer to the Shoe Fitting Reference Guide for proper guidelines on how to best fit your shoes. Remember, better impressions make better orthotics and you’ll feel the difference… we GUARANTEE it!

Shipping Details:
This is a one time shipping charge which includes shipping the casting kit to you, returning kit back to The Walkezstore, and final shipping of your ezWalker Custom Orthotic.

1 review for ezWalker® Custom Performance Orthotic for Casual/Athletic

  1. Bill Gressel

    I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated this product. Before receiving my ezWalkers I couldn’t wait to get home at the end of the day and get off my feet. Now I go all day and all night with no fatigue at all. You should get one of these. It’s by far the best orthotic I’ve ever purchased.

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