Canvas T-Strap Clamp/Buckle Closure Shoe # 13-102-0150 (One and Done Sale)


Canvas T-Strap Closed-Toe with Clamp Buckle Closure

Dark Demin w/ Blue Trim  and Funny Car Screen Print on Toe

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  • Natural Cotton Canvas upper
  • Lined inside with natural cotton fabric
  • Orthopedic arch supportive sole for help in developing a healthy arch
  • The high back provides great ankle support and heel control
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties with natural leather insoles
  • Insoles are foam-padded for anti-shock and lined with natural leather
  • Insoles are removable for cleaning with a damp cloth
  • Anti-slip flexible rubber outsoles
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy on and off with clamp buckle closure
  • The buckle closure is great for kids who take their shoes off
  • Roomy toe box allows toes to move freely for better stability
  • Made in Europe



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EU-19 (US 4), EU-20 (US 4.5-5), EU-21 (US 5.5), EU-22 (US 6-6.5), EU-23 (US 7-7.5), EU-24 (US 8), EU-25 (US 8.5-9), EU-26 (US 9.5), EU-27 (US 10-10.5), EU-28 (US 11), EU-29 (US 11.5), EU-30 (US 12-12.5), EU-31 (US 13-13.5), EU-32 (US 1), EU-33 (US 1.5-2), EU-34 (US 2.5), EU-35 (US 3.5), EU-36 (US 4-4.5)


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