• Shoes matter. A bad shoe fit can diminish the therapeutic value of a good orthotic. At, we will help you make sure the shoes that fit your eyes are the shoes that really fit your feet. Your shoes, your ezWalker® Custom Performance Orthotics and your feet must all play the same game for optimal comfort. If you ever have any questions about how your shoes should fit, please reference our Shoe Fitting Guide, or contact customer service for more information.
  • Break-in period. Your ezWalker® Custom Orthotic comes with break-in instructions. Please read them carefully and take this information to heart. You may feel slight discomfort as your feet and body adjust to the new positioning the ezWalker® Custom Orthotic provides for your feet. Be patient, this will get better as you continue through your break-in period.
  • Adjustments. Every person’s body is different. Most people adjust very easily to the level of support the ezWalker® Custom Orthotic offers. However, after wearing your ezWalker® Custom Orthotics for some time, it may be apparent that an adjustment should be made to them for a better level of comfort for you. We want your results to be just right for your needs. Therefore, if you are experiencing discomfort and cannot get use to your ezWalker® Custom Orthotics, please contact customer service.


  • If you are undergoing related medical treatment, we recommend that you consult with your physician before engaging in any activity that might alter your treatment plan. In this case, we are open to working, in cooperation with your physician or therapist, by prescription. However, orders placed by prescription are not covered by our guarantee.
  • There are some foot conditions that do not respond well to custom orthotics or are better suited by other modalities. If you think you may have a condition that may not be responding well, please consult your physician.
  • Some people experience hypersensitivity or have intermittent and fluctuating conditions in their feet that make sustained success with custom foot orthotics difficult. If you are a person with hypersensitivity, please do not order this product.
  • Insurance-reimbursed items are not covered by our guarantee.
  • Our guarantee applies only to your first pair of orthotics. All orders placed after the first successful orthotic on that mould will not be refundable.
  • If you think you have a condition that would likely preclude a successful outcome, please contact customer service for a more personal evaluation. We will try to help you make an appropriate and informed decision that is best for you.


  • Pedorthic consultation fees are not refundable.
  • All shoes sold by (not our affiliates) are refundable unless they are soiled, worn, or not returned within 30 days.
  • Custom shoes and modifications to shoes are not refundable.
  • Night splints are not refundable under the State Board of Health laws.
  • HTP heel seats are not refundable under the State Board of Health laws.

Additional Questions?

  • Please view common questions on our FAQ page. Questions not addressed on the FAQ page, can be asked here.
  • Please read the testimonials of others who have used ezWalker® Custom Performance Othotics here.