Our Customers Say it Best!

“I have had so much improvement since getting shoes and orthotics. My last back adjustment two weeks ago proved the shoes and orthotics are working as my hips were more in line than previous visits.”

Laura Speheger

My Knee Pain Has Decreased Significantly!

I am comfortable in my orthotics and my knee pain has decreased significantly. I am very satisfied with my orthotics.
Connie Myers

The WalkEZstore has made such a difference in my life!

I truly want to thank Julie and Kathy of the WalkEZstore for making such a difference in my life. You see I had five major surgeries from October 2019 to February 2020 all on my left hip and during rehab contracted Covid-19. The virus damaged my foot health as the blood flow to my left ankle and foot was compromised. My surgeon recommended a right shoe build-up as during this process I was walking unevenly. Julie spent the time to be sure I had good information going into my appointment. Kathy then spent a great deal of time and was very complete in evaluating and explaining – making sure I understood the build up and the support of custom orthotics. While the cost and process was a concern, I was thoroughly informed of their guarantee. I am so happy to report that in less than a week my blood flow is returning my foot pink and my back pain is disappearing. This is a blessing to me.
Janice Ladd

Quickly turned from cold to warm!

Calling WalkEZstore at first was a cold call from an internet search but quickly turned to being a warm call. Julie listened carefully, scheduling to meet our needs and our visit with Kathy provided a better assessment than we could have anticipated. My husband is walking better than he has for years and my needs were addressed also. We have learned so much about feet and shoes! Thank you hardly seems sufficient!

Janis Lewman

Fountaintown, IN

Great Value!

I had increasing pain in my lower back and left hip due to S/I joint dysfunction and resulting bursitis for about a year and a half now. I have seen two different specialists, been through two rounds of physical therapy, and had 3 steroid injections (the effects of which lasted about 2 weeks each time), all of which resulted in spending a small fortune with no real lasting benefit to my overall level of pain. I was desperate, so at the suggestion of my sister, I decided to try orthotics and sought out the Good Feet Store in my area. I was unpleasantly surprised when the salesperson told me it was going to be $1300 for a set! I thought there had to be another option. So, I did a web search for “custom orthotics” and the WalkEZ Store popped up. Right off the bat, I noticed that the pricing was all transparent and that they actually made orthotics that were custom-fit for your feet. Plus, they had a ton of reviews that were obviously written by real people who had experienced real results. I made an appointment for a consultation with Kathy at The WalkEZstore. I was so amazed when she spent over 2 hours with me and shared so much helpful information. I walked out with my new custom orthotics in a new pair of shoes that fit me correctly and spent a fraction of the money I would have incurred at the other store for just their pre-made product alone. I’ve been wearing them almost non-stop since that appointment a week ago, and I have already noticed a marked difference in how my hip feels when I am walking and moving about. My pain is not completely gone yet, but I do feel like these orthotics are making a very positive difference. I can’t wait to see what the effects will be over time! Thank you so much for all of your help, Kathy!

Margo Concepcion

Indianapolis, IN

Very Knowledgeable!

Kathy is amazing at what she does and has been doing it long enough to know what’s best for her clients. It’s also amazing because it doesn’t just stop at the day of walking in, it’s a continuous check in to make sure the shoes are just right for you. She’s very knowledgeable in her line of work and makes sure you know how to take care of your feet post appointment! The shoes have also helped me with not just everyday walking around, but also my intense cardio and strength training! They have really changed my feeling before, during, and after my day begins. Thanks Kathy!

Harley Dean

Dubois, IN

What a Difference in Just a Few Days

I’ve worn the ezWalker® orthotics for only 4 days now (about 6 hours a day) and I’ve truly shocked that my hip pain is gone. Can’t believe it would make that much difference in only a few days, but I have no other explanation. I’ve had the left hip replaced three times due to complications, which makes support muscles weaker and I ride a recumbent bike daily to strengthen the weakened muscles. But, I still had some residual pain that was beginning to increase in intensity. I had become accustomed to it and tried to ignore it for the most part. I was so shocked that the pain was gone these past few days. I definitely will tell my orthopedic surgeon. We may be onto something here. My right hip hasn’t given me any pain, but it didn’t show as much damage on my foot gait analysis. I’ll be keeping tabs on this for sure. Thanks!!!!!

Bea Overton

Fishers, IN


Great product and great customer service. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Debbie Kell

Lake Arrowhead, CA

Love Them!

I have suffered with tired and sore feet for years. As long as I can remember, I’ve had difficulty finding shoes that were comfortable on my feet. When I was fitted for the ezWalker® orthotics I was shocked to learn just how HIGH my foot arches are. No wonder my feet hurt. No shoe alone will ever give me what I need. I’ve had them now for 3 weeks and can’t believe the difference they have made in such a short time. I no longer dread putting on my shoes and thinking of how sore my feet will be at the end of the day. I LOVE THESE ORTHOTICS and recommend them to everyone. Thank you WalkEZStore! I can’t wait to go shopping for more shoes, something I’ve never looked forward to before now.  : )

Katie Lowes-Ramey

Indianapolis, IN

Hip Pain GONE!

Kathy is my sister-in-law and you know how we feel about family at times. At age 49 and was experiencing right hip pain for months and didn’t say anything to her. But the pain was generating numbness down the side of my leg. I went to a chiropractor and after five weeks of treatment with minimal results (2 to 3 x per wk) I went to an orthopedic doctor to see if possibly I needed hip surgery of some kind. After x-rays and examinations, the doctor reported my hips were in perfect condition. I was stunned because there were days the pain was so bad I had a strong limp. It was suggested to me I should seek pain management, but I didn’t want to become dependent on medication. For me this was not as option. Finally, I decided to call Kathy and get a pair of her custom orthotics to see if it would help. When she got them ready I eagerly put them in my shoes. After wearing them for only three days my hip pain disappeared. I was amazed! This product truly works! You’ve given me back a quality of life I know I would not have if I’d listened to the so-called ‘experts’. Thanks for explaining my problem. I never thought something as simply as my feet breaking down could cause so much pain.  I highly recommend trying the WalkEZstore custom orthotics before going to a doctor – you’ll save a bundle on medical costs. If you’ve already gone to the doctor with no results you’ve gotta try this. Thank you Kathy. I should have believed in you sooner. 

Roscel Carandang

Indianapolis, IN

Wonderful Product!

The Walkezstore.com sells a wonderful product. My whole body feels fantastic at the end of the day because of my ezWalker® Custom Orthotics designed by my Certified Pedorthist, Kathy Carandang, owner of The Walkezstore.com. My Chiropractic manipulation is more effective because of the benefit and structural support my orthotics provide. I highly recommended this product, as a matter of fact, it’s a necessity. No matter how old you are, this is a must have, not just for now but for the rest of one’s life. No shoe alone can give you what the ezWalker Custom Orthotic can. Till you have one, you don’t know what you’re missing.


Laura Nelson

Bemus Point, NY

Where’s This Been My Whole Life?

I’m 80 years, and have had Charcot Marie Tooth Disease since I was a child. For the first time in my life I’m walking on a firm foot foundation, provided by the ezWalker® custom orthotics in my shoes. They REALLY WORK! It’s a secure feeling like never before, with the balance I’ve needed my whole life. Kathy Carandang went way beyond my expectations with help in selecting proper shoes and how to use the supports in all the shoes I presently own. I have already realized a huge difference in my balance and the ability to walk with a more comfortable gait. I am thankful for having found the WalkEZstore.

Elva J. Kellogg

Columbus, IN

More Comfortable in My Own Shoes    

I am in the process of getting used to my new ezWalker® custom inserts, and it seems to be going very well. I feel ‘more comfortable in my own shoes’. I live on the other side of the city from The WalkEZstore and I really appreciated that Kathy came all the way to my office to bring my inserts to me and seen they they fit well. Her customer service is awesome!

Charles Shinaver, PhD

Carmel, IN

So Glad I Found This Website.

I have purchased two pairs of the ezWalker Basic over-the-counter arch supports – one for flat shoes and the other for dress shoes (heels and pumps).  They are super thin to work in most shoes.  The hard plastic is so sturdy and firm – they do not soften with use.  Fantastic quality for the price and far superior to arch supports available elsewhere.  These are perfect for someone who needs arch support but doesn’t require custom orthotics.  Kathy is a pleasure to deal with.  I’m so happy I found this website!


Lisa Townley

Huntington, NY

No Longer In Pain!

I have been fortunate to take advantage of Kathy’s skills as a Pedorthist by acquiring not only well-fitted shoes, but also receiving a pair of her ezWalker®. I put them in my athletic shoes and they have become my favorite pair of shoes. when I go for a walk or do my exercise, my feet are no longer prone to pain or injury. I can also easily drop them in all my other shoes. Yea! Kathy worked with me in detail. She asked questions and kept following up in such a way that made me understand how best to treat my feet. This is the place on the web I recommend for custom fitted orthotics or for that matter, any issue regarding foot discomfort. You will be well satisfied when you select the WalkEZstore.com  for your orthotic/foot care needs. I am additionally blessed to call Kathy a friend. Thanks for your care and understanding.

Laura Vollmer

Indianapolis, IN

Life Changing Results! 

I want you to know how grateful I am that you were there at that trade show… and how I’m STILL congratulating myself for having the courage to walk into your booth. I suffered for over a year with severe pain in my feet… most especially in the balls of my feet and my toes. I was resigned to the pain and worked with it daily. I had tried everything!!! Exercises and things I found on the Internet, store purchased foot aids, lotions, creams, etc. You name it, I tried it; ALL to no avail! The day I picked up my orthotics from you I was cautioned to ‘break into the use of them’! Not much of a rule follower, I disobeyed you! BUT. in my defense it was because IT FELT SO WONDERFUL TO BE PAIN FREE!!! Now, right at 2 months later I am struck by the fact that I’m STILL Pain Free! Thank you so much!!! I really am so sincere when I tell you my life has been significantly altered. You said to me at the show that you felt my results would be life changing and you could not be MORE CORRECT!!! THANK YOU!!!

Annie Faircloth

Indianapolis, IN

Improved My Gait!  

I wore my first pair of orthotics for 2 years. It was awesome at first and then I just took them for granted until a few months ago when I started to have pain in my knees and legs again. I went back for a re-evaluation of my orthotics. It was explained to me that my first pair had improved my gait and changed my wear pattern. I had a new pair made (as recommended) and pain is gone. Now I should be good for much longer, but I’ll keep tabs on it, for sure. I must say it’s right what they say… when your feet feel good you feet good! Thanks WalkEZstore.

E. Roberts

Indianapolis, IN

A Blessing To Us Both!  

My husband and I are so glad we met Kathy Carandang, the owner of the WalkEZstore. We both no longer have any pain in our feet!!!! Isn’t that just wonderful?! Kathy, you do such good work, it’s just about getting the word out about you and your store. About like getting others to follow Christ, you know, getting the word out. We pray the WalkEZstore becomes a great success because you are a blessing to people every day with your custom products. After dealing with the Kathy and her store my personal feeling is that Kathy has the heart of a nurse and the work ethic of a giant workhorse that never stops turning the soil in the field until the field is done. I hope you know I mean this as a compliment with heaps of bunches of love. Thank you so much for helping us!!!!!

Alida and Alan Herron

North Salem, IN

By Far the BEST! 

I have worn orthotics since 1989 and these are by far the best! They are the best support I’ve ever had; and so light weight and very easy to fit and move from shoe to shoe. If you elect to purchase the ezWalker® custom orthotics, you will not be disappointed.

Roberta Broquard

Fairbury, IL

Aching Feet – No More!

I’m a Marine and always had problems with my feet when wearing combat boots. Even after short marches, runs, etc.; my feet would wind up looking like raw hamburger from blistering and chafing, no matter what I did to protect them. After retiring from the Marines I still had problems with civilian shoes and their wholesale lack of support; hence I always had aching feet. It wasn’t’ till I was fitted and supported properly that my problems ceased. Thank you for helping me be more comfortable in my later years.

George Allen

Franklin, IN

Knee Pain Greatly Reduced!                                                                                                                                                                                                             

I met Kathy at the local Indianapolis Home Show when she was just starting to build the WalkEZstore. I was a skeptical and reluctant prospect at first. While talking to her I realized she was a true professional who understood my specific needs. After fitting me with my custom made orthotics, I have worn them every day for over 2 years. Whether I’m running, working or walking around the house, my foot and knee pain has been greatly reduced. I strongly recommended the WalkEZstore orthotic products for anyone who suffers from foot or leg pain.

Kevin Burrow

Noblesville, IN


I love my new ezWalker inserts. They were so easy to use and get used to. Kathy does a wonderful job of fitting and making sure you’re satisfied with your inserts and shoes.

Edna Mae Covalt

Indianapolis, IN

Feet Feel GREAT!

I am a hairdresser, born with hyper flexible flat feet. I’ve tried many kinds of orthotics in the past and none helped without problems of their own. My main complaint was that at the end of the day I felt like I had been standing on a wooden plank. Kathy made me some ezWalker® custom orthotics for my work shoes and a pair for my dressier shoes. My feet feel great even at the end of the day. I can’s say enough about Kathy’s knowledge…. she get’s it! She knew what I was going through even before I told her. Thanks soooooo much!

Peggy Finney

Carmel, IN

I Found My Solution!

Thanks to the expertise I found at the WalkEZstore.com. I am able to wear professional looking shoes with my business attire. Here I found the solution to my pain before and after my Morton’s Neuromas were removed from my feet. My ezWalker custom orthotics have kept me comfortable and fashionable, a plus in my PR job. My overall experience was excellent and well worth the investment!

Kathy Turke

Greenwood, IN

This Place is GREAT!

I heard about the ezWalker from a friend and ordered my  1st pair. I am really pleased with them. I have other orthotics that were made by the digital scanning method I’ve been wearing, but they only fit well in a couple pair of my shoes. I was looking for something with a custom fit that has more versatility, and have found it at the WalkEZstore. This place is great! I am on my feet a lot and have found them to be very comfortable and truly versatile. They work in all my shoes. I did have to make one minor adjustment on the left one, but had no problem doing this as they gave me easy to follow instructions to make the fit even better.

Karla Albers

Whiteland, IN

Grateful to be FREE of Pain!

I can’t thank you enough for my orthotics.  I live in the mountains of NC, we hike and walk and I don’t know what I would do without them. I always make sure when I’m looking for new shoes that they will accommodate my orthotics and fit well. The variety of shoes I’ve been able to get them to work in is amazing.  I’m so grateful to be FREE of pain.
Linda Sandweg

Newland, NC

Arrived Quickly as Promised.

Certified Pedorthist Kathy Carandang knows what she is doing and how to give you a better way to be on your feet without having problems. I know more about feet than I thought possible form chatting with her. After ordering my orthotics they arrived quickly as promised. I love my orthotics. You’ll love them too.

Suzi S

Richmond, IN

A Lifelong Challenge Fixed.

I had a pair of orthotics made for my walking shoes. The one for the left foot fit great right away, but the right one was a problem.  This foot has always been difficult to find a pair of shoes that will fit correctly and this time was no different.  Very high arches and a little toe that seems to have a mind of it’s own has made this a lifelong challenge. Kathy would not give up and had me come back a few times so she could adjust the orthotic so it would work properly. So told me that I was wearing the wrong length shoe so she ordered a pair for me that seemed to fit much better.  Now the bugs are getting worked out with the right foot and I am having her make another set of orthotics for a second pair of shoes so I will not need to take them in and out when I switch shoes.  I would highly recommend Kathy Carandang at the Walk Ez Store in the Greenwood area.

Kenneth Davis

Carmel, IN

Not a Day Goes By That I Don’t Wear My ezWalkers

I had severe plantar fasciitis, and after having acupuncture treatments, the doctor suggested I have orthotics made for my shoes. My friend and I met Kathy at the Gift and Hobby Show several years ago and she made orthotics for my athletic shoes and dress shoes. There has not been a day that I haven’t worn them when wearing my shoes and no more foot pain!

Brenda Hessel

Indianapolis, IN

My Whole Body Feels Better!

I cannot tell you how much better my whole body feels from using these orthotics.  The combination of the orthotics and the proper shoes/size have relieved my constant foot and hip pain.  I have flat feet and a bunion.  If I wear a pair of shoes without the orthotics, my whole body pays the price.  I would recommend your product to anyone with feet problems. Thanks!

Rebecca Johnson

Anderson, IN

I Wish I’d Gone Here First!

These orthotics really work.  If you have feet problems, I recommend you see Kathy Carandang, C-Ped before a podiatrist.  I now wish I had.

Donald Tribby

Indianapolis, IN

The Impressions are EZ to do!

The impression tutorial was very easy to understand and do.  We received 2 videos and watched the self-assisted video twice and the assisted video once.  Both were very clear and it was easy to  understand.  As my husband and I both purchased a pair of the WalkEZstore custom orthotics, we chose to assist each other to make sure the areas that needed to go all the way to the bottom of the impression foam did so.  Can’t wait to receive our orthotics!


LaVonda Black

Desoto, TX

Helped My Aching Dogs!

Kathy Carandang, C-Ped and Owner of the WalkEZstore is amazing. For the first time in years my feet do not hurt.
Also, I have been wearing the wrong size shoes for years and she recommended the correct shoe and size to wear. If she was here I would give her a big kiss. She has helped my aching dogs so much.

David S

Morganton, NC

Plantar Fasciitis Gone!

My friend in NC told me about the WalkEZstore and I’m glad she did. I am so blessed that I found them. Using their easy instructions on how to make my own foot impressions I ordered two pair of custom Orthotics, one for my sport shoes and one for my sandals. I wear them all the time. In fact I really don’t go barefooted at all anymore. This process really works and the orthotics have made my feet feel so good and I have no trouble with my Plantar Fasciitis any longer. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my ezWalker® custom orthotics. Trust me this will be the best investment you will ever make !!!!!!!! So get busy and order them today and have HAPPY FEET like I do!

Jenny Monroe-Smith

Escondido, CA

Improved Beyond Belief!

I‘ve worn my ezWalker® custom orthotics for about 18 months. I was beginning to notice my feet were just not a comfortable as they were a few months ago. So I decided to get a new pair made. Normally I don’t favor standing for long periods of time even with my old ezWalkers. But using my newly molded ezWalker Performance custom orthotics I stood for about an hour and didn’t give my feet a second thought. I continued to wear them for another 10 hours and my feet felt awesome. Kathy said I would need to have them remade in about a year and I should have listened. I waited too long. Wow, who would have thought that would be the best thing I did for myself. My alignment is so much better, can’t believe the improvement since getting my first pair. I’ve noticed more than ever, my feet are firm and pointing forward when I stand and walk. They have never felt this way before. These orthotics have helped my feet to improve beyond my belief. With this product you can’t go wrong. Thank you WalkEZstore. I’ll be telling everyone I know about your wonderful foot fixers.

Scott St.Onge

Owner , Indy Garden Works, Martinsville, IN

Money Back Guarantee Convinced Me!                                                                                                                                                              

I give the ezWalker® custom arch supports 5 stars because of the easy to understand information on the ‘Target Your Pain’ page. I was able to target my problem and figure out what I needed to do to correct it. I was wearing my shoes too small and realized that my feet were not walking as in balance as they could. I was a bit skeptical, but the money back guarantee convinced me to try it. I purchased the ezWalker® product and soon I had a foot impression kit at my door. I made my foot impressions per the instructional video and sent them back to the store with the prepaid label provided. In about 2 weeks I had m exWalker® custom orthotics. I placed them in my shoes and immediately felt the difference. It took me less than a week to get use to wearing them all day. And they really do fit in all my shoes. I’m glad I got them, and my feet are too. Thanks WalkEZstore.com. I’ll tell all my friends about you. It’s true what you say, when your feet feel good you feel good. I sure do!


Evansville, IN


My ezWalker® custom orthotics are awesome and walk all over the competition in quality, price & results!

Christina Fletcher

Franklin, IN

10 years ago I walked with a cane. My feet were in pain. Then I met Kathy at a networking event and I gave her a try. She showed me I was buying shoes two sizes too small and fitted me for orthotics. I have not needed a cane since. God bless her. I won’t buy shoes from no where else.

James Belt

My doctor recommended this store! I found out they do the best in Greenwood, Indiana with their main office and lab. I have been three times and Kathy has helped me find the right fit and shoes. I have not had any foot or back or hip pain with these shoes and their help!
Dawn Stitzer

My encounter with WalkEZstore!

“I’m having a good overall experience with WalkEZstore and value keeping up with the reviews, orthotics, and the proper shoe fit!”
Duane Macy

Guaranteed to Make a Positive Impact on Your Mobility

In a matter of weeks after I started wearing orthotics from WalkEZ, both my walking and running forms improved noticeably. Specifically for running, the “foot-strike” and “push-off” motions are much more robust when using a custom orthotic with proper arch support, compared to generic shoe insoles or over-the-counter commercial orthotics. Even if you are not an athlete or don’t have existing foot issues, the custom orthotic will give more adequate support to your feet and help preserve their health. Contrary to other types of orthotics, WalkEZ custom orthotics are lightweight, easy to install and compatible with almost any type of shoe – running, basketball, dress shoes, winter boots, etc. It takes less than 30 seconds to swap them from one pair of shoes to the next, so you can easily continue to use them among multiple shoes (even with slight differences in sizes). Both Kathy and Julie are knowledgeable and friendly – their track record and process for making custom orthotics is second to none and guaranteed to make a positive impact on your mobility.

John C

Detroit, MI

Your recommendations allow me to live a full life!

About five years ago I was fortunate to find the WalkEZstore. Your recommendations and custom orthotics allow me to live a full life with happy and healthy feet.

H. W. Cohen

My Feet Are Better Than They Have Been In Years

I went to Walkez due to peripheral neuropathy and other problems with my feet. Kathy was very nice, knowledgeable, and helpful. She made the orthotics while I waited and adjusted one of them before I left. My feet felt better that day. I went back in about 2 weeks to have another adjustment to one of the orthotics and my feet are better than they have been in years.

Larry Taylor

Whiteland, IN

Thank you GOD!

Meeting you at the Covered Bridge Festival was NOT in my plan, but I am so glad it WAS in God’s plan. While waiting for my inserts, I was skeptical. Could they help? Would they be a waste of time and money? For over 15 years I had tried all sorts of over-the-counter inserts, doctors, physical therapy, prescription medications, and finding shoes was practically impossible. I had given up hope of ever not hurting. But your money back guarantee won me over. When they arrived, I read the instructions and still worried. Then I tried them on.  Wow!  The first day I wore them for almost 6 hours! It only took me three days to get accustomed to true support. I wear them in everything from slippers to cowboy boots. My chiropractor says they even help my spine and hips! I don’t dread taking that first step in the morning, or shopping with my daughter. My feet don’t throb at night. I tell everyone I know about my inserts and the difference they have made in my life. You are an answer to my prayers! Thank you again!

Lavorna Tester

Heltonville, IL

Doing What I Thought Was Over  

2010  I have had the ezRunner® inserts about two months and have really seen a difference. I work on a university campus and walk a fair amount. I also run 8-10 miles per week. My knees and back feel much better now and I am able to stand for longer periods of time without knee pain or back fatigue. At 52 years of age, I thought it would be necessary to reduce my physical activities. However, the ezRunner® orthotics have allowed me to continue running and perform the activities I felt were over. Thanks for helping me maintain my lifestyle.

2015  I just received my second set of orthotics from the WalkEZStore, the first having lasted several years. I had an issue with the ball of my foot that would make it fall asleep. A couple of weeks and it is all but gone.


Jim Girdley

Bargersville, IN

Beyond My Expectations!       

I have to rave about Kathy, and how she goes way above and beyond what is expected. My feet were just a mess, and Kathy has worked with me and tweaked my shoes and insoles until everything is just perfect. My feet are not “tired” like they used to be, and I’m on my feet 10-12 hours a day. I used to come home and my feet and knees would ache, I couldn’t wait to take my shoes off… now I don’t even think about them. And I don’t go through shoes every six months either. I wish I’d had this years ago. Thanks, Kathy, you are the perfect example of what customer service is all about!

Jay Allen

Owner, Techno Advantage I T Solutions, Mooresville, IN

Needed By Many!

Kathy, the owner of the WalkEZstore.com is a true professional. Knowledgeable and skillful is an understatement of her expertise and passion for what she’s doing. Her products are defiantly needed by many. I’m glad to be walking with her ezWalker® orthotic insoles in my shoes. I give them 5 stars. They are the best!

Ron Sukenick

Indianapolis, IN

Feel So Much Better!

I completely ripped my plantar fascia in one of my feet which left me in a walking boot for over 8 weeks.  I worked and stood on concrete flooring which made it extremely difficult to do . Kathy made a custom mold of my feet and then fabricated my orthotics in record time. I really like the way they improved the structural support of my feet and how comfortable they are to wear. I have very high arches and being totally supported in my shoes sure has made my feet feel so much better.

Ray Shawhan

Indianapolis, IN

Still Enjoy My Heels

My career started in retail so I am very fashion conscious. For years I tortured my feet wearing height heels. Over time I’ve experienced foot pain that would come and go… usually depending on the height of my heels. Ever since I’ve been wearing my custom ezWalker® orthotics my foot pain stays away. I still enjoy wearing high heels; however with my ezWalkers I’m so comfortable I never know I have heels on. It’s true what they say, you can be comfortable and stay in style. Thanks WalkEZstore.

Julie Hurst

Owner at American Mold Experts, Avon, IN

Superior To My Other Orthotics!

I have very much enjoyed wearing my ezWalker® custom orthotics made just for me. They feel so much better than the other ones I’d been wearing. I think the WalkEZstore impression process is superior to what I’ve had done in the past. I can tell it helps my posture too. Thanks. I’m glad I found the WalkEZstore. They are the BEST!

Carmie Hamilton

Bloomington, IN

Low Back Pain Gone!

I have been wearing my custom orthotics for several months now. I have 2 pair; one for my flats and athletic shoes and one for my high heels (which I wear more often). The difference is amazing! Not only can I wear my heels all day at work pain free, I can continue to wear them into the evening if necessary. The pain in my lower back is gone! My feet no longer ache because the custom inserst take the pressure away from the ball of my feet and redistribute the weight properly. The hardest thing to accept was the realization that I was sometimes wearing the wrong size shoes. Learning about the shoe industry standards of sizing and how proper fitting techniques has been amazing. I highly recommend the WalkEZstore to everyone. They really know what they’re doing!

Meresa Girdley

Bargersville, IN

Saves Time and Money!

Before getting my ezWalker® custom inserts, I used to have to visit my podiatrist once every year to get casted for new inserts because of how worn down they would get. Now with my ezWalkers, I’ve had the same ones for two years and can expect at least another 3 years from them. My ezWalkers will save me around $650 over those 5 years! And without the need for constant maintenance, they are a huge time saver as well. Thank you ezWalkers!

Patric Welch

Mr. Noobie of Noobie.com, Greenwood, IN

Sooooooooooooooooo Thankful!

I’m so thankful for my ezRunner® custom orthotics from the WalkEZstore.com. I was training for the Indy mini marathon and after a long run my feet would hurt for days. I received my orthotics one month before the mini and was able to resume training without feeling croppled for days afterward. I’m happy to say I successfully completed my first mini marathon thanks to Kathy! I’m no one to spend money on custom anything, but I’ll never be without my custom orthotics!

Karen A.

Nineveh, IN

A Pleasure Working with Kathy

It has been a great pleasure working with you Kathy. Even though we worked long distance and I did my own foot impressions, the orthotic inserts you made for me do a tremendous amount of good, as they reduce pain and help make my walking easier and smoother. I’ve been amazed at how well your system works. You have been a pleasure to work with you, a great pleasure indeed. Thanks again.

Cary Shevin

Evanston, IL

Life Savers!

I have had a booth at the county fair for a week, and standing so much on my feet never felt so good. I was dreading the upcoming show because I know what it does to my feet and back. But these custom orthotics have made me feet great. I can’t believe the difference. Thanks so much for helping me. You’re a life saver!

David Worrell

Thorntown, IN

Very, Very, Very, Happy!

I have to say, Pete (my husband) is very, very, very happy with his new orthotics. My too, as it directly benefits me because he is much happier now that he’s not in pain at the end of each day. Thanks! I’ll be spreading the word about you and your store.

Diane Newett

Indianapolis, IN

I Enjoy Walking Again!

 “I have known Kathy all her life as our mothers were best friends since grade school. Kathy’s honest, dependable, and a hard worker! I was recently fitted with her ezWalker® custom inserts and they are great. I’m back to walking every morning now with no feet or hip pain, and actually, enjoy walking again! I had orthotics made years ago by a doctor, but they never fit as well as these do. They were not as supportive and just too big for any shoes except my athletic shoes. The ezWalker® orthotics slide right into any shoe, including my sandals, without a problem. Thanks, Kathy. My feet and back appreciate all your hard work.”

Cindy Bailey

Brownsburg, IN

Plantar Fasciitis Better in Just Two Months

I am older and have plantar fasciitis. I purchased the ezWalker® custom orthotics in hopes of this being my solution.  Up to now nothing worked. I’m 2 months into wearing them now and happy to report my heels are almost back to normal. May your life prosper through this wonderful work you are doing to help others. Bless you!

Rev. Keith Lyndon

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Improved Overall Health! 

Things are going extremely well regarding my new ezWalker® custom orthotics. I’ve been wearing orthotics for over twenty years and I’ve never had the results gained from any of them like I have from using the ezWalker custom orthotics. My foot pain is gone and my doctor says the rest of my body is realigning itself for the better. Also, you teaching me how to select proper fitting shoes has helped significantly. With proper fitting shoes and orthotics my blisters have disappeared despite my increasing level of activity. Your efforts have helped me improve my overall health. Thank you WalkEZstore.

Brian Mullinax

Indianapolis, IN

No More Tired, Painful Feet!

No more tired, painful feet or legs at the end of my day. Wish I’d had these when I was working as a nurse in labor and delivery. I use to dread even going to the grocery store because my feet hurt so bad. But now with everything lined up the way it should be, I can go all day. Thank you WalkEZstore! I’m so glad you exist and I found you. Anyone can truly walk EZ. Get yours today.

Diana Gatchell

Newalla, OK

Pain Free & Lost Weight! Very Happy!

Two years ago I hobbled most days to work and after  and two ibuprofen and about 15 minutes I was able to walk with minimal pain. As soon as I sat down for 5-10 minutes the hobbling AND PAIN were back and so the cycle went, day after day.  My husband was encouraging me to have surgery because of all the pain I was having.  I had gained 60 pounds due to my lack of wanting to do anything.  I was walking with my husband (after three ibuprofen) through a trade show and noticed the WalkEZStore.  I talked with Kathy and took her info.  I went home and started to throw her card away, but changed my mind after thinking her orthotics were much cheaper than and NOT AN INVASIVE SURGERY.  Long story short, I am pain free and I’ve lost the weight.  I walk a lot every day and I have no pain.  I have been so pleased that I bought the orthotics for my 35 year old daughter who has suffered for years.  She swears by them, too!

Effie Eitel

RN, Indianapolis, IN

Passionate & Professional!

I have had the great pleasure of working with Kathy at many trade show events. She is professional, as well as passionate about what she does to help others with their foot pain. She goes above and beyond what she needs to do. I have Morton’s Neuroma and Kathy was so helpful every ‘Step’ of the way. Even helping me to get new shoes that are right for me. And my ezWalkers® are “EZ” to put in all different shoes, from high heels to sneakers! Thank you Kathy

Alice Schmitt

Huntingberg, IN

No More Foot Fatigue!

I am 55 years old and a busy individual that’s always on the go. I run a business and also active in sports; i.e. basketball, golf, jogging, and lifting weights. My feet were always tired and would ache at the end of each day. I know I have congenital flat feet and just thought this was normal. A friend of mine recommended I try custom orthotics for my shoes. So I did some research on the web and decided to try the ezWalker® custom insole product because this seems to be the only store on the web doing bio-mechanically correct custom insoles and guaranteeing their work. The guarantee was big for me and the difference these orthotics have made even bigger. At first I was skeptical and it took about a couple of weeks to work for me, but now I use them in all my shoes. I no longer have foot fatigue and I’ve become even more productive. Give it a try, you won’t regret it. Thanks WalkEZstore!


Indianapolis, IN

Get More Out of Life 

Kathy is a solution provider.  Her goal is to help her customers get more out of life by making sure they have a solid foundation from head to toe.  She understands the importance of strength, stability, and balance, and is an expert at providing the support necessary for the feet to do their best work.

Indianapolis, IN

Greatly Improved How my Daughter Walks

Many thanks to Kathy at the WalkEZstore. Our 12 year old daughter’s ankles would “cave in” as she walked, and caused her pain. Kathy was very thorough in finding the cause and making custom shoe inserts that are “transferable” and easy to fit in a wide variety of her shoes. They have greatly improved how she walks.  I highly recommend the walkezstore.com!

Heather Hoffmeyer

Greenwood, IN

EZ On My Wallet!

I want to say a great big THANK YOU to the WalkEZstore.com. No more pain! My feet and low back would ache all the time. My doctor said I needed custom orthotics. But my insurance doesn’t cover them. He wanted to charge me over $500. So I began to research the web. I found the WalkEZStore.com and noticed they offered a money back guarantee, and the cost was almost half of what my doctor wanted to charge. I was a bit skeptical, but as it said at the site, “With our money back guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose but your pain.” So I decided to try their product. As they said, doing my own foot mold impressions was easy and the insoles are wonderful. I tell everyone about this place. This product is just what the doctor ordered, only EZer on my wallet. Thanks again WalkEZStore.com.

Bill Gressel

Springville, IN

Foot Problems – GONE!

Since I’ve started wearing my ezWalker custom orthotics my foot problems have gone away. As a matter of fact, several years ago I broke my ankle and adjusted my walking so I would not feel pain. Since wearing the orthotics they have helped realign my ankle as well as my back and put me in better overall posture. I am on my feet a lot and use to really feel the pain at the end of the day. Now I no longer hurt! I’ve had them almost a year and can’t imagine wearing shoes without them. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping me become pain free!

Tina Ayers

Mooresville, IN

Best Orthotics Ever!

I just had to write you to let you know how wonderful my ezWalker orthotics are. I love them. I had two pair made in the past by other sources and they just were not right. I couldn’t wear them. When I took them back I was told there was nothing wrong, I just needed to get use to them. How was I to get use to them if I couldn’t wear them at all? The other company made adjustments to them, but they never were comfortable. Because of these past experiences I was very leery to have yet another pair done. However, the custom orthotics you made for me are fantastic! They were very easy to get use to and I wear them all day with no foot pain whatsoever. I work on cement floors, and go home at night feeling fine. I’ll tell all my co-workers and anyone I know who to go to for the best custom orthotics every made. Best Orthotics Ever!!! Thanks!

Susie Coppage

Indianapolis, IN

Worth Every Penny!

I’ve had my new orthotics for only 10 days, but I can already tell they’re making a positive difference. In particular, I’ve worn them inside my dance shoes and the foot pain I’d experienced before (after an hour of dancing, I’d get shooting pains down my toes) was completely gone! That right there is worth every penny!


Indianapolis, IN

Hiking Again!

Just hiked 5 miles yesterday in the mountains of Colorado and woke this morning able to get out of bed with very little pain! This is such a source of encouragement to me! Thank you for all you have done to keep me active. The insoles, the advice, the new shoes have all helped me to walk again without severe pain! Next year I want to make it to the peak! Blessings.

April Nelson

Dayton, OH

Very Professional

My wife and I had an appointment to be fitted for new orthotics. The appointment went very well.  Kathy, the owner, was on time, efficient, and very professional.

Bryan & Michelle Sigg

Indianapolis, IN

What a Game Changer!

As a person who has had two bunionectomy surgeries, I know how important it is to take care of your feet.  WalkEZStore has been a game-changer for me.  It took about a week to get comfortable in my day-to-day shoes and about three weeks before I could run with the orthotics.  Now, they feel amazing.  The best part was the reasonable price.  They were so reasonable, I bought two.  I 100% back this product!


Sheryl Hughes

Indianapolis, IN

Foot Candy!

I walked into the WalkEZstore and walked out with candy for my feet. My feet have never felt better. I changed my outlook on life, and I got rid of all of my over-the-counter shoe crap. I’m thrilled I found this place.

Doug McMillin


Five months ago, Kathy worked with me to get rid of the pain in my right foot due to an operation on my toe to replace a joint, which now has a limited range of motion. Any shoe I wore was agony. She did an analysis of my stride, the size of my shoe, and how it rocks forward. All my life, I had worn a size 10, and she changed that to an 11. She said it was because she does “ball of foot fitting” and that shoes made in the Asian market (and most are) all run small. This change and the wearing of her very thin ezWalker orthotics have made a big difference in my walk and pain level. Unbelievable! My foot will never be “right,” but I have little to no pain now.

Tom Trahan

Greenwood, IN

They Feel Wonderful!

I have worn these orthotic inserts for five years.  I was a bit skeptical at first because they are relatively hard pieces of plastic, yet perfectly shaped to my foot’s arch. They feel wonderful!  After two months, I was returning to the pedorthic facility to have more made so I could have my various pairs of shoes ready to put on. I have never worn out a pair! I wear them in lace-up dress shoes, loafers, hiking boots, and even sneakers. They fit perfectly in any shoe.  Sometimes, I wear a cheap soft pad on top of them, but most often, I wear them without any padding because they fit so snugly against my socks. I was rarely able to find the pre-made inserts that fit my feet, but I used them anyway for many years.  I had plantar fasciitis so bad that I went to a podiatrist.  The doctor prescribed custom orthotics made of leather and other materials, which were comfortable but extremely expensive.  Although my feet started feeling better, I found the WalkEZstore. I actually met Kathy, the owner of the WalkEZstore, at the Indianapolis Home Show, where she was promoting and educating booth visitors. So, I thought I would try these. As a professor, I do a significant amount of walking around campus, and they are comfortable in all my shoes! 

Randall Powell,PhD

Bloomington, IN