Plantar Fasciitis

One of the strongest ligaments in the body, the plantar fascia runs along the bottom of your foot and supports your arch. Improperly supported arches can cause this ligament to stretch and tear at the heel, leading to a much-too-common and painful condition known as plantar fasciitis. An inflamed plantar fascia can lead to other problems such as heel pain, arch pain and heel spurs.

With plantar fasciitis, the bottom of the foot usually hurts near the inside of the foot where the heel and the arch meet. The pain is often worst first thing in the morning or after a period of rest. This is due to the fascia contracting back to its original shape when the foot is at rest. The first few steps after sleeping or sitting for extended time periods are typically painful and difficult until the fascia stretches back out. Over time, the tiny bands that make up the fascia tissue may break, causing the pain to worsen. These breaks in the fascia tissue can create scarring, which is the body’s signal to protect the area. Plantar Fasciitis


Excessive stress to the plantar fascia leads to inflammation and discomfort. This stress can be caused by:

  • Overpronation/Hyperflexibility.
  • Unusually high-arched feet.
  • Overuse or a sudden increase in physical activity of the foot.
  • Excessive weight on the foot due to obesity, pregnancy or lifting heavy loads.
  • Climbing ladders without the use of proper shoes and support.
  • Improperly fitted footwear. If the arch of the shoe is not fully securing the arch of the foot, the foot is short-changed of proper arch support. Plantar fasciitis can then become a problem.


While plantar fasciitis is the most common foot pain complaint, it is often the easiest to heal and prevent. Proper treatment for plantar fasciitis includes:

  • An ezWalker® Performance Custom Orthotic, unlike typical custom orthotics, is designed to completely correct and support the arch of your feet. “How is ezWalker® custom orthotic brand different?” you might ask. The ezWalker® Performance Custom Orthotic is designed using a unique way of capturing your optimal foot position for the best functionality possible. A restored arch significantly reduces the daily pull on the plantar fascia ligament and often brings immediate pain relief in the first week of use. A truly custom product, ezWalker® orthotics are the only practical way to address both the symptoms AND the cause of your plantar fasciitis.
  • Ice/heat therapy is recommended to reduce inflammation and speed healing.
  • Sleeping with a night splint is a must to heal plantar fasciitis. It’s important that the fascia remain in an elongated position to avoid re-injury upon weight bearing, so it’s recommended that a night splint be used during long periods of rest and sleep.
  • Never going barefoot during the healing process. The foot should be supported at all times while healing plantar fasciitis. Many comfort clog-type shoes with a built-in arch support are good for use around the house to avoid going barefoot. However, ezWalker® Custom Orthotics can also be used in slippers since these types of shoes normally don’t have support.

Follow these recommendations and give your plantar fascia plenty of time for healing. It usually takes half the time to heal the pain as the amount of time you have suffered from the condition.

Make sure you’re fitting your shoes correctly. Our feet are constantly changing as we age. Have your fit checked regularly. And remember, the size on the measuring device is only a reference. Mass-manufactured shoes are NOT all created equal. Refer to the Shoe Fitting Reference Guide for proper guidelines on how to best fit your shoes.

If you follow these guidelines and your pain persists, you must seek the counsel of a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.