Breaking in Good – Shoes Fitting Part I

Some believe a pair of shoes should fit right out of the box and be ready to wear comfortably, while others feel a pair of shoes might need to be worn for a few hours to know for sure if they will work or not. But what is the reality of a new pair of shoes feeling good?

A shoe is a shoe, is a shoe, is a shoe, is not true. All shoes are not created equal. Softer shoes are said to be so comfortable. However, the softer the shoe the less support it will have and the more likely you are to develop foot pain and instability. The firmer the shoe the better support. But a new, firm shoe may or may not feel great the second you put it on. You need to learn what styles of shoes are bothersome to your feet and avoid them, and what shoe styles are more acceptable to your foot shape and be patient with them as you begin to “break” them into your feet wearing them.

How to break in a pair of shoes is up for debate. Some methods we found on the web include:

  1. Heat them with a hair dryer before putting them on.
  2. Put them in the freezer and let them get cold so your foot will warm them after having them on for a bit.
  3. Wear a thick sock or layer your socks to the foot will be larger and stretch the shoes.
  4. Bend and twist them to loosen and soften the materials before putting them on.
  5. Use Moleskin or Band-Aids while breaking them in.
  6. Use the back of a spoon and run it up and down the insole to soften it.

Here at the WalkEZstore, we advise having a professional fitting, and learning how to best fit your feet for a pair of shoes. You simply can’t go by the size on the box any longer, as different shoe styles within the same brand may not fit equally. And let’s face it, you’ve probably never had a professional shoe fitting and learned what’s best for your feet. Once you have learned the art of shoe fitting for your own unique pair of feet, the chances of needing to do much “breaking-in” will be minimized. Please see our fitting guide and look for Breaking in Good – Shoes Fitting Part II coming soon.

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