“These boots are made for walking” is a familiar song we’ve all heard. But are your boots really made for walking and  working? Our Walkezstore selection of boots are made for kicking your foot pain in the rear end! Okay just having a little fun here!

But seriously, boots can be a difficult fit! First, we consider if they fit the foot, and if that’s a fit, do they fit the leg as well? If the foot fits, does the heel slip? If the leg fits, is the foot happy? So much to consider when getting a boot to fit correctly from toe to top. You don’t want to sacrifice one or the other to be able to wear boots.

We find that a boot with adjustability is the best fit. Depending on the style you are looking for, low-top or high-top, a boot with a combination of laces and zippers is a great way to get the adjustability you need for a good fit. Kathy Carandang, our certified/registered pedorthist, shares “I have a boot that laces up the back of my leg like a corset, and these are a pair of the best-fitting boots I have for my large calf muscles, a problem I’ve had all my life just because of how I’m built.”

When looking for a pair of comfortable boots, Walkezstore looks for boots that come in various widths, including narrows and wides, have more than one adjustability, are easy to get on and off, and of course, one with style. Two of Kathy’s favorite boots right now are the Propet Dani and the Propet Delaney. Both have laces and zippers for a good fit and ease of getting it on and off. It is a low-cut boot but superiorly comfortable, like wearing a pair of slippers all day long. And they won’t break your bank to purchase a pair.

Never purchase boots made of manmade fabrics. These fabrics do not breathe, will not last long, and can cause skin conditions because they are not natural fabrics and do not breathe so the foot and leg may be compromised in the health of the skin. It’s worth it to put a few extra bucks in your boots for longevity and your health.

Here are a few fit points:

  • Never sacrifice fit for fashion!
  • Never think it will feel better after it breaks in because if it hurts during the fitting, you don’t want to take that chance on it not breaking in and never feeling good. That’s just a waste of money.
  • Don’t fall for the over-the-counter arch support sales techniques, especially if the OTC support inside the boot is not removable.
  • Do make sure it fits the proper ball of foot fitting technique for the best possible functionality of your feet. (Insert shoe fitting guide link)
  • Make sure, if you want to secure the best function for your feet, to use a biomechanically enhancing custom orthotic designed to get your feet to function.

If you have trouble finding custom orthotics and comfortable boots call us at the WalkEZstore. We specialize in proper shoe/boot fitting and foot function, so all your footwear can be made for walking and working!

Check out our shoe fitting guide to help you pick the best shoe with the best fit for the best comfort.