Is it FINALLY Spring? We at the WalkEZstore hope it is!

The calendar says it’s Spring regardless of the weather, so warmer temperatures are bound to follow … eventually. That’s probably why April is designated as National Foot Health Awareness Month. As the warmer weather beckons, we finally take our feet out of warm comfy socks and boots. Use this as an opportunity to examine them. A large portion of us, according to research, will experience at least one foot problem during any given year, so it’s best to find any issues early so they can be dealt with easily.

At the WalkEZStore, we’re committed to keeping your feet happy, comfortable and above all, healthy! So along with your Spring wardrobe change, take these tips to heart to spruce up your footcare as well.

Healthy Feet — Healthy Life Tips

1.     If you’re looking for new shoes to celebrate the new spring weather, remember that you may not wear the same size in every style as there is no real standardization in shoe sizing. Have your feet measured, and be sure to try them out in the store for more than just a moment or two. Shop for shoes late in the day, when your feet will be at their largest, especially if they tend to swell.

2.     If you’re not thinking of new shoes, maybe you should! If you wear these regularly, replace running, walking, or exercise shoes every six months or so, because the support they offer will wear down over time. Use custom orthotics to provide proper arch support too.

3.     For foot health, as well as your health in general, try to maintain a proper weight. It’s not exactly news that there is an obesity epidemic in this country, and spring is a great time to start addressing any weight issues by getting outside to exercise, or just taking a daily walk. You’ll be surprised at how much it can lift your spirits. A proper weight, or even a modest weight loss if you’re struggling, will help your feet stay in tip-top shape. Give your feet and ankles a good stretch before starting out.

4.     Make a habit of keeping your feet well moisturized each day, but avoid applying lotion between your toes, as that can trap moisture making it easy for fungus to grow. Try a little foot powder there instead. When you finish bathing, be sure to dry your feet well, then examine them and apply a good moisturizer before donning your socks and shoes. If you have diabetes, this is a particularly important habit to establish. Use a handheld mirror if you need to, in order to examine the bottoms of your feet for any dry spots, peeling, cracks, or injuries.

5.     Certainly, the warmer weather may invite you to go barefoot or wear less supportive shoes, but be careful to wear protective, supportive shoes anywhere your feet could be scratched or cut, and especially in any public areas where you may be exposed to infection or bacteria leading to plantar warts, athlete’s foot fungus or worse.

6.     If pedicures and polish are part of your spring rituals, remember not to leave polish on your nails all the time. Giving them an occasional rest can ward off developing fungal infections in your toenails and nailbeds.

7.     And finally, as you go out and enjoy the weather, don’t neglect your feet and ankles when applying sunscreen!


When you follow these tips to take care of your feet, they’ll take good care of you in return. We’ve all experienced the fact that when your feet hurt, your whole body seems to hurt. So, take a tip from Benjamin Franklin who said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

And remember that the tips above are not just for adults. Help your children learn good footcare habits too. This might be the perfect time to bring your child in for a consultation at the WalkEZStore and check out our Feet First Division featuring our Little Steps orthotics as well as our line of shoes specially designed to help little feet grow and develop better.

Whether you’re young or young at heart, we’re here for you and committed to keeping your feet healthy, happy, and moving well at the WalkEZStore.