Aches? Or Pains? How to Tell the Difference and What They Mean
No one’s making any accusations here, but some of us are guilty (you know who you are) of noticing … and perhaps complaining … about life’s aches and pains. It’s easy to fall into that habit, especially as we age or overdo things. But in reality, aches are very different from pains, and it pays to know the difference.
When you’ve overdone it with Spring cleaning or a workout at the gym, you’ll likely notice lots of new aches, in lots of new places. This is part of life, and nothing to be concerned about. It’s just your body telling you that you haven’t used it that much in a while. If you get up and move more, in spite of the aches, you’ll work out the soreness and it will go away. Think of aches as evidence of victories over the pull of gravity.
Pain, however, is a different phenomenon. Rather than going away with continued movement, pain gets worse. That could signal injury and you should pay attention to it. Just as with aches, your body is telling you something, but the message from pain is different. It’s usually a signal that something is wrong, and you should have it checked out if it continues.
At the, we see it all the time. If the biomechanics of your feet are not working properly, it can cause pain in your whole body: feet, ankles, shins, knees, hips, lower back … you get the idea. Custom orthotics such as those we provide can solve the root cause of your pain, and have you moving freely and painlessly again. One of our customers wrote us a thank you note because of the difference custom orthotics had made in her ability to move and thrive. “Your recommendations have enabled me to live a full life,” she said. That may sound like exaggeration, but it’s true. When your feet hurt, the pain dampens everything else in daily life.
You may have heard the saying that “If Mama isn’t happy, nobody is happy.” Well, the same idea applies to your feet. Make them happy because your body depends on them! Pay attention when they hurt, and if they do, consider the possibility they may need some custom care when they or other parts of your body are talking to you through pain.
Remember: aches go away with additional movement and are generally harmless. Pain gets worse with continued movement and should be looked into. Now get outside (safely) and get moving!