Announcing Feet First
When any new venture begins, you often hear the phrase: “Quality built in, from the ground up”, which is an appropriate cliché for building. It’s also appropriate for a growing child because from the moment their feet touch the ground as they learn to walk, the quality of their foot support can determine a lifetime of pleasure or pain concerning their mobility. That’s why we’ve developed Feet First, a division of designed especially for children.

Do you have kids or know someone who does? Then you’ll want to tell them about Feet First. Your foot health began with your very first steps … and your child’s foot health begins the same way. Prevention, as always, is better than correction — and since most foot issues are inherited — it’s best to start your child out in the best way possible from the beginning.
As your children grow, sports and other activities can summon the need for orthotics as well. Remember that foot pain is never normal. In addition to that, be on the lookout for other symptoms such as: frequent trips and falls, withdrawal from previously enjoyable activities, a failure to keep up with one’s peers, or simply not wanting you to touch or examine their feet.
All of these are reasons to come visit us at Feet First.

Little Steps Arch Supports can be an easy and affordable answer
You may be reluctant to have custom orthotics made for your children in their rapidly growing stages, and that’s where Little Steps are an easy and affordable alternative. These arch supports are specifically designed for children, can be modified if necessary, and possibly handed down from older to younger children so we are happy to offer them. Our specialists will help you find exactly the right solution for your child, their feet, and your budget.

Little Steps are a great way to support proper growth, posture, and improve muscle tone and strength. In addition, arch supports can eliminate “growing pains” in the legs and feet, and eliminate or control heel and other foot pains.

Great Support is Always a Good Thing
Regardless of your child’s need for either arch supports or custom orthotics, you want to make sure they have quality shoes that guide healthy development and growth: Renbut Shoes are the perfect answer. This stylish line of shoes help support the healthy development of your child’s feet, including overcoming flat feet and preventing overpronation.
The quality leather uppers provide a soft breathable fit, superior to other materials that loosen up quickly and hold moisture. The strong heel counters help lock the foot into the shoe to provide stability while walking and running thereby preventing excess rotation and helping provide lower leg support. The strong arch support, too, helps limit hyper-flexibility of movement to support walking and running without injury.
Renbut shoes also feature foam-padded insoles to provide both comfort and shock-absorbing cushion when walking or running on hard surfaces. This reduces foot and leg pain even after a hard day full of play.
Renbut shoes also accommodate either over-the-counter arch supports or custom orthotics, if necessary, for additional support.
Whatever your child’s needs, we’re here to help, at the new Feet First, a division of