Do You Have Kids or Know Someone Who Does? Your Foot Health Began with your first steps…it begins with your child’s first steps, too!

As you may know, we have always focused on and cared about “kids” from 2 to 92 – (just having a little fun with you!) Seriously, we’ve helped children with needs such as growing pains, special developmental issues, flat feet, and support for athletic activities. Some recent clients play volleyball, baseball, run cross country, and golf so balance, coordination, pain, posture, and strength were all considerations for their care.

Our division now will be an expanded pediatric practice supporting two extra important areas for kids through their tween years:
Little Steps orthotics for those who need help in foot development and high-quality natural fabric shoe selection. We have acquired a fabulous collection of European made shoes which are well crafted, correct supporting, and stylish. Our Renbut line offers multiple styles and sizes to maximize children’s healthy feet. We offer boots, shoes, and sandals for girls and boys. See our Rebut shoes information below as well.

Please take note of a couple of other important things we are sharing with you – prevention begets correction and truthfully, most foot types are inherited so if the parent has a problem the child should be checked especially early on to look for discrepancies.

In closing, based on your experiences with us, we hope you’ll bring your children or grandchildren or recommend us to someone you know who has children because you’ll be helping them have great feet for life with care and shoes from the WalkEZstore!

Little Steps Over the Counter Arch Supports!

Little Steps is our affordable alternative to custom orthotics for children. It is normal for a child’s foot to appear flat up until about the age of 2 due to a thick layer of baby fat that fills the arch area. The arch will become more obvious around the age of 3 when this fat pad disappears. Before this time, we watch for issues like:

  • inward bowing of the ankles and Achilles tendon
  • a child who walks on their toes instead of putting their heels on the floor
  • a child who prefers to be carried.

These can all be signs that something is not right with the child’s feet.
In addition, checking the child’s feet is important if at any time you notice:

  • Your child cannot keep up with his peers
  • Withdraws from activities they usually enjoy
  • Does not want you to mess with his/her feet
  • Often trips and falls
  • Complains of pain

It is never normal for a child to have feet and/or leg pain. Our Little Steps OTC arch supports program is a great way to support your child and improve posture, control heel pain, improve muscle tone and strength, and reduce and/or eliminate growing pains most common in the tween years. Little Steps are the best alternative to prescription-based correction due to the balanced ergonomics for the medial, lateral, and transmetatarsal arches of the feet, helping the feet to stay in proper alignment while they develop and grow. These arch supports can be altered or modified when necessary to help deal with issues that may develop during the growing years and can possibly be passed down from child to child.

Renbut Are Healthier Shoes For Kids With Growing Feet!

Renbut shoes help prevent overpronation and flat feet, and support the healthy development of your child’s feet:

  • Strong Ankle Support
    Strong counter at the ankle level to prevent excessive inward and downward ankle movement called overpronation. Quality leather upper provides that kind of support. Also, good leather material is soft, breathable and maintains good fit over time unlike other materials that loosen up quickly and hold moisture.
  • Strong Heel Counter
    Helps lock the foot into the shoe and provides stability in the foot while walking and running by preventing excess rotation of the tibia in the lower leg helping to prevent tibial torsion. Helps with overpronation and flat feet by developing a better arch.
  • Arch Support
    Helps provide stability for the arches and limits hyper-flexibility movements of the ankles in walking and running-a common problem in children.
  • Foam-Padded Insoles
    Provide cushion by absorbing the shock of the foot landing on hard surfaces. Helps reduce muscle fatigue in feet and prevents foot and leg pain.
  • Accommodates OTC and Custom Orthotics   
    Rebut shoes will accommodate over the counter and/or custom orthotics. Most children can benefit from the use of an arch support device to help develop the arch and keep the bones of the feet in alignment as the foot develops until the growth plates are set.