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⦁ When trying to make your eyes happy as well as your feet it is best to pick your shoes first and then find the outfit to go with those shoes. If you do this the other way around you may never find just the right pair of shoes that work with the outfit and get a comfortable fit as well. When picking the shoes first you will have a better selection of clothing to choose from and putting an outfit together will be simple and easy compared to finding just the right shoe to go with the outfit. Usually, a good basic black, basic brown, a navy shoe or boot, and maybe a white or lighter color for summer wear is what you need. And, when you find a shoe that is super comfortable and wears well all day long check to see how many colors may be available. When shopping for shoes if you find a shoe that is made in lots of colors you can almost bet that shoe is a true winner and sells well. Try it on!

⦁ Last but not least, opt for a custom orthotic instead of over-the-counter arch supports. A professional orthotist and/or certified pedorthist is who you will want to seek out for this purchase. Your feet will be fitted to each individual specification for proper support and will be much happier than trying to find an OTC device that works. You see, shoes and over-the-counter arch supports are based on an average foot and come in mirror matched images… but feet do not. When each foot has the support it wants lots of different types of shoes will ultimately be more comfortable. You basically get a custom fit in every pair of shoes you own.

With all this in mind, we hope you have success while shopping for your next pair of shoes. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact the professionals at The WalkEZstore. We are here to help you get the shoes that not only fit your eyes but most of all fit your feet so that you are healthier and happier no matter what type of shoe it is you need.

Remember… when your feet feel good you feel good!®