Do you respect and take care of yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? Are your relationships with others meaningful? In times of need, do you have a support system you can rely on? The answers to these questions will tell you how you fare when it comes to your social wellness.

Social wellness refers to how your nurture yourself and others. By taking care of yourself and building positive relationships with others, you can build strong connections that will support you during difficult times.

Why Is Social Wellness Important?

Talking care of your well-being and having strong relationships are vital to your health. Research shows that having good social wellness is connected to having:

  • Greater self-esteem.
  • More emotional resilience.
  • Lower stress levels.
  • A stronger immune system that can fight off infectious diseases.
  • Better cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure.
  • Lower risk for depression.
  • Healthier aging and a longer life.

How to Improve Your Social Wellness

Since social wellness is all about our health and our relationships, you must nurture your well-being and your interactions with others. Here are some things you can do to improve your social wellness.


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Personal Actions You Can Take

  1. Focus on the positive aspects in your life. Show appreciation to yourself and others. Be thankful for everything you have. By being positive, you’ll be happier, healthier, and more hopeful.
  2. Give out compliments. They’re free, and they’ll make people feel better about themselves.
  3. Make healthier diet choices. You’ll ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs. But that doesn’t mean you can never eat junk food or sweets again. Just practice moderation.
  4. Laugh more. Laughter really is the best medicine. It relieves stress and releases endorphins. Spend time watching a funny movie or having a laugh with friends.

Activities You Can Do

  1. Talk a walk. Walk with a friend. Join a walking group. Go for a walk with family members after dinner. Take time to get to know your neighbors along your route.
  2. Exercise. Not only will activity improve your physical health, but it will improve your mental and emotional health, too. Join a gym. Go to the swimming pool. Take an exercise class. Do yoga. Additionally, you can make new friends while participating in these activities.
  3. Maintain or rekindle friendships. Have coffee or lunch with a friend and chat. Organize a spa day with your girlfriends. Play cards with the guys. Give an old friend a call. Friendships help to establish your connection with the world.


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  4. Go on a date night with your significant other. Talk, plan, dream, and cultivate your relationship together. Not only will you have someone to share your life with, but you’ll be happier, too.
  5. Plan a family dinner or outing. In the daily hustle and bustle, it can be hard to spend quality time with family members. Take time out to talk, listen, and nurture your family relationships.
  6. Get outdoors. Sunlight and nature can improve your mood.
  7. Take up a hobby. Regardless of whether you’re interested in running, painting, reading, woodworking, or something else, spend time pursuing your hobby. Take classes or join groups to improve your skills and meet others who have similar interests. Look for groups on Meetup or other social networking sites.
  8. Volunteer. Donate your time and efforts to a charity you’re passionate about. Not only will you help your community, you’ll help yourself in the process. Plus, you’ll meet others who are interested in supporting the same causes as you. (Not sure which charity to support? Check out VolunteerMatch.)

By following these tips, you can improve your social wellness. However, this process does require ongoing intention, time, effort, and care throughout your life. But with proper attention, you can maintain and grow your relationships with your family, friends, work colleagues, and yourself.

Is Pain Affecting Your Health and Relationships?

If you suffer from painful medical conditions, like arthritis, fibromyalgia, or others, it can affect your physical, mental, and emotional health. Additionally, if these conditions impede your ability to walk and get around, you may end up cutting yourself off from the world socially. However, depending upon your condition, solutions are available to improve your mobility.


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Disclaimer: The information included in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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