Now that the holidays are here, are you wondering what to get certain people on your holiday shopping list? Did you know the WalkEZStore offers a variety of unique gifts for everyone on your list? Take a look!


ezWalker® Custom Fit Orthotics

ezWalker Custom Fit Orthotic

ezWalker Custom Fit Orthotic

Who could benefit from ezWalker® Custom Fit Orthotics?

  • Grandpa Joe who has arthritis and suffers from hip and lower back pain.
  • Grandma Betty who complains about her bunions nonstop.
  • Uncle Mike who works on his feet all day at the local factory.
  • Aunt Susan who’s a nurse and works 12-hour shifts.
  • Brother Jon who plays recreational sports on the weekends.
  • Sister Emma who enjoys taking long walks every day.

Really, anyone who walks can benefit from ezWalker® Custom Fit Orthotics. Our custom orthotics are specifically made for your loved one’s feet, providing them with the exact support their feet need. Furthermore, our custom orthotics will help give them better bio-mechanical alignment from the feet up, so every step they take is well controlled as they walk. Better alignment also means better posture with greater stability and balance as they move. Above all, they’ll experience less stress and strain on their lower extremities and back, so their pain will be reduced – if not eliminated.

Another advantage is ezWalker® Custom Fit Orthotics are ultra thin and ¾ length, so they easily fit into different types of footwear – saving them money.


How to Purchase ezWalker® Custom Fit Orthotics

When holiday shopping, you have three options for purchasing ezWalker® Custom Fit Orthotics as a gift. You can:

  1. Schedule an appointment at the WalkEZStore. Call 888-392-5539, ext. 1, or complete this online form. Bring your loved one to our store at the Greenwood Office Suites, 3209 W. Smith Valley Road, Suite #104, Greenwood, IN 46142 for a consultation and to purchase their custom orthotics. Note: With the purchase of any custom orthotics, the WalkEZStore will waive the $50 consultation fee.
  2. Order the WalkEZStore impression kit online. Have it shipped to your home or office. Wrap it up and give it to your loved one. Our impression kits come with detailed instructions, so your loved one can make a correct impression of their feet in the comfort of their home. Once the impression kit is returned to the WalkEZStore, we’ll make and ship your loved one’s custom orthotics to their home. Click here to order an impression kit.
  3. Purchase a WalkEZStore gift certificate. Call us at 888-392-5539, ext. 1. You can order a gift certificate in any dollar amount you wish. Gift certificates are good for all WalkEZStore merchandise.



Infracare bio-material socks

Infracare Bio-material socks

Infracare Bio-Material Socks

Do you know someone whose feet are always cold? Cold feet can be due to a variety of causes. However, for the person suffering, cold feet can be unbearable.

Infracare Bio-Material Socks help prevent heat loss to the feet, keeping them warm. These socks work by redirecting the body’s heat back to the feet, so they stay toasty the whole time the socks are worn. In fact, Infracare Bio-material Socks can increase foot temperature by 10° to 12°F.

For your holiday shopping convenience, Infracare Bio-Material Socks can be ordered online and shipped to your home. Click here to place your order.



Silk Feet flexible exfoliator

Silk Feet Flexible Exfoliator

Foot Care Products

The WalkEZStore offers an assortment of foot care products for:

  • Soaking tired feet or cleansing them
  • Getting rid of calluses
  • Easing foot discomfort due to conditions like corns, bunions, hammertoe, and more
  • Supporting the foot and reducing pain due to strains and sprains

Holiday shopping for our foot care products is convenient. Just order online by clicking here. Your order will be shipped to your home.


Women's shoes

Men’s and Women’s Shoes

Holiday shopping for shoes? Did you know you can buy shoes through the WalkEZStore? We offer a large number of men’s and women’s shoes for all occasions – work, casual, or athletic – through Zappos, 6pm, and Amazon. To place your order, just visit our website by clicking here. Then click on the Zappos link, 6pm (discount fashion outlet) link, or by clicking on the brand name logo listed.

If you want to ensure that your loved one’s shoes fit well, you can schedule an appointment with Kathy Carandang to have their feet properly measured. Call 888-392-5539, ext. 1, or complete this online form to schedule an appointment. Kathy can also talk to your loved one if they have any concerns regarding shoe fit due to various foot conditions. She can make recommendations about the best shoe manufacturers and styles to choose to ensure your loved one’s shoes fit comfortably. Then Kathy can help you place your order.

The WalkEZStore – Your EZ Location for Holiday Shopping Ideas for the Feet

Because … when your feet feel good, you feel good.® Or, to be more precise, when your loved one’s feet feel good, they’ll thank you!

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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