Did you know the Aztecs first created guacamole? The Aztecs called what we know as guacamole – “ahuaca-mulli.”  Ahuaca-mulli roughly translated means avocado sauce or mixture. The Aztecs’ concoction was similar to the guacamole recipe we love to prepare and eat today.

Guacamole is a favorite in Mexican cuisine. Americans love to eat guacamole as a dip with tortilla chips; a condiment with tacos, fajitas or other dishes; or as a salad ingredient. In fact, Americans love guacamole so much, it’s a fun dish to prepare at cooking contests.

The Yeager Office Suites of Greenwood hosted its First Annual Yeager Guac Off on February 27, 2017. In addition to the cook-off, Yeager Office Suites members socialized during the event. The competition was also organized as a charity event. The winning team of the Guac Off won $500. The money was donated in their name to their choice of one of these three charities: Boys and Girls Club, David’s Well Ministries, or Paws with a Cause.


Kathy Carandang and Julie Shadinger having fun at the First Annual Yeager Guac Off

WalkEZStore Owner Kathy Carandang and Director of Customer Care Services Julie Shadinger participated in the Guac Off. They were thrilled to come in second place. Elise Hannemann, a WalkEZStore client and friend of Julie’s, provided her guacamole recipe for the competition. She also contributed all the fresh ingredients.

“The event was a great chance to meet others in the building,” said Julie. “And the event supported good causes. Yeager is doing one of these events in each of their six buildings. They’ll be giving away $3,000 in total to local charities.”

Avocado Fun Facts

Avocados are a New World food. They were first cultivated from South Central Mexico to as far south as Peru. The Spaniards who came to the New World loved avocados. The Spaniards considered avocados an aphrodisiac. The Spaniards liked to eat avocados with salt, with sugar or with both.

While you may think avocados are a vegetable, they’re actually a fruit. More specifically, they’re a single-seeded berry. In the early 1900s, avocados were often called alligator pears.


First Annual Yeager Guac Off

Avocados have the highest fat content of any fruit. They also have four grams of protein, the highest amount in a fruit. It’s no wonder that avocados were highly regarded by the Aztecs and an important ingredient in their diet.

Today, the Hass avocado is a favorite among Americans. Most avocados grown in the U.S. come from California or Florida. Avocados grown in California are mainly the Hass variety (80%). However, six other types of avocado varieties are grown in the U.S.: Gwen, Pinkerton, Bacon, Fuerte, Reed and Zutano.

Many guacamole recipes can be found online and in cookbooks. However, good, ripe avocados are the trick to making a perfect guacamole. Then salt, lime or lemon juice, and chopped cilantro, onion, tomato and chiles are added. But, the secret to good guacamole is in the amount of ingredients and the preparation. For this reason, guacamole cooking competitions are so much fun – and yummy when it comes to tasting the competition’s recipes.

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