Photo credit: 123RF / Vilma Bechelli

Photo credit: 123RF / Vilma Bechelli

It’s summer! Time for travel and vacation. Time for swimming at the pool or your favorite swimming hole. Time for playing golf, tennis or other warm weather sports. Time for barbecues with family and friends. And, time for fireworks, especially for July 4th and Labor Day celebrations. But, before you begin your summer activities, make sure you stay safe!

Remember Last Summer?

Maybe  last summer didn’t go quite as planned. Maybe you got a bad sunburn that caused you to hurt and peel afterwards. Or, maybe you got bit by mosquitoes at your family picnic, which caused you to itch like crazy later. Or, maybe you got caught in a fender bender while in holiday traffic, which resulted in several hundreds of dollars in car repairs.

But this summer doesn’t have to be a repeat of last year. You can have summer fun and stay safe!

How to Stay Safe during Summer

Here are some tips to ensure you and your family stay safe during your summer activities:

  1. Practice good driving habits. While driving, constantly scan the road for other vehicles. Look in front of your vehicle. Watch your sides. And check your rear view mirrors. Use your turn signals. Don’t follow too closely. Be courteous to other drivers. Remember, road rage doesn’t solve driving issues with other drivers. Plus, don’t text and drive. And, definitely, don’t drink and drive.
  2. Follow water safety rules. Swim in designated areas. Never dive or jump into unknown water. Always swim with a buddy to stay safe. Never leave children alone near the water. Wear a life jacket if you don’t know how to swim. Additionally, put life jackets on children who can’t swim. Also, make sure everyone wears life jackets when boating. Definitely, never swim or drive a boat while intoxicated.
  3. Protect your skin from sun damage. To reduce your risk of skin cancer, limit your sun exposure between the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. UV rays are the strongest during this time frame. In order to protect your skin, liberally apply sunscreen (at least an SPF 30) 15 minutes before going outdoors. Also, re-apply sunscreen every two hours. Another option to stay safe in the sun, is to cover as much of your skin as possible with loose-fitting clothing, such as long-sleeve shirts and long pants. Additionally, wear a wide-brimmed hat to cover your face and neck. To protect your eyes, wear sunglasses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.
    drink water

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  4. Keep insects from biting you. Wear insect repellent to protect against mosquito, tick and other insect bites. You may also want to consider staying indoors at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are especially active. To stay safe from bugs when outdoors, wear light-colored, long-sleeve shirts and long pants. Also, tuck your pants into your socks when near or in woods or grassy areas. Additionally, once you’re home, check your body and family members’ bodies for ticks. Remove ticks as soon as you see them.
  5. Keep safe with the temperatures soar. Limit strenuous activities to the morning and evening hours, when it’s cooler. Drink plenty of water. NEVER, EVER leave infants, children, people over age 65, or those with chronic illnesses, unattended in a parked car in hot weather. Vehicle temperatures can rise to life-threatening levels in as little as 10 minutes. Also, don’t leave your pets in hot vehicles either. Additionally, know the warning signs of heatstroke
  6. Handle fireworks safely. To stay safe, always follow package directions when using fireworks. To protect yourself from possible burns, wear eye protection and sturdy footwear. Never wear sandals and flip-flops around fireworks. Additionally, have water close by to douse unexpected fires. Moreover, keep fireworks away from children and pets. And, especially, never give fireworks to small children. To protect others, pets, vehicles, and other objects, never point fireworks in their direction. Also, stay at least 500 feet away from professional fireworks displays.

With advanced planning and by following these suggestions, your summer can stay safe, fun, and memorable for all of the right reasons!

Protect Your Feet this Summer

As you plan your summer activities, consider how you’ll protect your feet. Some things you can do include:

  • Applying sunscreen on your feet. After all, your feet can get sunburned, too.
  • Wearing the appropriate shoes for your activities. When walking or standing for long time periods, sandals and flip-flops don’t provide enough foot support. So, make sure your shoes provide your feet with the support they need for your activity.
  • Not walking barefoot, especially on hot pavement or sand. Wear shoes that protect your feet from cuts, burns, and other dangers.

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