Photo credit: 123RF / Supot Suebwongsa

Photo credit: 123RF / Supot Suebwongsa

During the summer, there’s nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than being one with nature while camping. However, if you’re not properly prepared or something goes wrong, your camping trip can easily become a disaster. To ensure your trip goes smoothly and every one remains a happy camper, here are some helpful tips.

Camp with Ease

Tip No. 1

Check the weather before you go. If it’s going to rain, think about rescheduling your trip. Or, pack your rain gear, umbrellas and/or some activities to do while it’s raining, like cards, board games, books and toys for little kids. Don’t forget extra socks and footwear.

Tip No. 2

Get organized. Prepare a camping checklist so you don’t forget anything, especially something important like your tent or sleeping bags.

Tip No. 3

Start packing your camping gear a couple of days ahead of your trip. Then you won’t be scrambling the night before.

camping, first aid kit

Photo Credit: REI Co-op

Tip No. 4

Be prepared for injuries. Pack a first-aid kit.

Tip No. 5

Make sure you stay comfortable. Treat yourself by bringing an air mattress. Or, pack extra blankets for padding and to keep you warm if it turns chilly. Also, don’t forget your favorite pillows.

Tip No. 6

Pack foods that won’t go bad during your trip. Or, take a cooler and be prepared to buy ice daily. Food poisoning can make a fun getaway turn bad quickly.

Tip No. 7

Bring two sets of car keys. And have two different people carry them. Because no one wants to search for lost keys along a trail, or figure out how to get in the car if you lock the keys inside.


Photo Credit: Pixabay / sxy18300762659

Tip No. 8

Set up camp before it gets dark. It’ll make things easier when you can see what you’re doing.

Tip No. 9

Pitch your tent on level ground. Otherwise, you’ll spend your night rolling downhill.


Tip No. 10

Keep your sleeping and eating areas separate. This will help when the kids need to go to bed early.

Tip No. 11

Lock up your food. Place it in your car (with the windows up) or in an animal-resistant container. Because raccoons are faster and smarter than you think when it comes to stealing food.

Tip No. 12

Bring along toilet paper and baby wipes. You never know when the public bathrooms may be out. And baby wipes are great for dirty fingers after exploration trips.

Tip No. 13

Pack dryer lint. No, we’re not kidding! It makes a great fire starter.


Photo credit: 123RF / Kamila Starzycka

Tip No. 14

Hike with a map, compass and at least one cell phone. The map and compass can keep you from getting lost. And if you do get lost, you can call the campground and ask for help.

Tip No. 15

Make new memories. Camp at places you’ve always wanted to see. Explore new areas. Try new things, like rock climbing, fly fishing or zip lining.

Above all, have fun on your camping trip. And don’t forget to pack the fixings for s’mores!

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