Photo credit: 123RF/Alexey Kuznetsov

Photo credit: 123RF/Alexey Kuznetsov

Lots of little girls have dreamed of being Cinderella – finding their Prince Charming while wearing a beautiful ball gown and sparkly glass slippers. For some brides the dream doesn’t end, especially when it comes to their wedding day.

Don’t Forget about Your Bridal Shoes!

If you recently got engaged to your modern-day Prince Charming, you’re probably pretty busy planning your wedding. Besides shopping for your wedding gown, have you given much thought to your bridal shoes? If you want your shoes to fit perfectly like Cinderella’s glass slippers, there’s more to the bridal shoe buying process than going to the shoe store to find the right shoe design you like. After all, you’re going to be wearing your bridal shoes throughout your big day – walking down the aisle, making your vows, taking photographs, greeting your guests, having your first dance, cutting your wedding cake and, finally, whisking away to your honeymoon. That’s a lot of time on your feet – and if your bridal shoes are uncomfortable, they can put a damper on your whole day.

How to Choose the Right Bridal Shoes

To make sure your day is just like a fairy tale – and without foot pain, here are some tips for choosing the right bridal shoes. 

No. 1: Go shopping for bridal shoes later in the day.

In the late afternoon and evening hours, your feet have swollen to their largest size. By shopping later in the day, you likely won’t buy shoes that are too small. (Remember, that scene in Cinderella when her step-sisters try to cram their big feet into Cinderella’s smaller-sized glass slipper. You don’t want that to happen to you.)  

Photo credit: 123RF/szefei

Photo credit: 123RF/szefei

No. 2: Make sure the shoe’s heel height is right for you.

While stylish high heels may seem like a good idea, you probably shouldn’t wear them on your wedding day (unless you’re used to wearing high heels). High heels place your feet in an unnatural position that forces a lot of pressure on your toes and the balls of your feet. This force pushes your toes against the insides of your shoes, causing them to rub and hurt. Consider wearing bridal shoes that have heels no higher than 2 inches for greater comfort.

No. 3: Match your shoe shape to the shape of your feet.

If you have slender, tapered feet, wear bridal shoes with a tapered toe-box shape. If you have broad feet, wear shoes with a square toe-box shape.

No. 4: Buy bridal shoes that fit properly and are comfortable.

If you’re not sure how to correctly fit your shoes, refer to the WalkEZStore’s Shoe Fitting Guide for tips. Walk around the shop when trying on shoes to make sure they feel comfortable. If the shoes are rubbing now, they’re likely not going to feel better by your wedding day. Also look for shoe styles with additional padding for extra comfort.

No. 5: Break your shoes in.

At least a month before your wedding, wear your wedding shoes around the house to break them in – gradually increasing your wearing time.

No. 6: Make an appointment with the WalkEZStore.

WalkEZStore certified pedorthist Kathy Carandang (a fairy godmother for your feet) can help you make sure your bridal shoes fit properly, so you and your feet will be happy on your wedding day. Not only can Kathy help you with shoe shopping, she can also alter or customize any shoe for a better fit. Contact us today!

No. 7: Consider wearing ezWalker® Custom Fit Orthotics in your bridal shoes for added comfort.

ezWalker® Custom Fit Orthotics guide your feet into a better biomechanical position with every step you take – down the aisle or on the dance floor. ezWalker® custom orthotics enhance your gait while providing balance, stability and proper posture. Ultra thin and ¾ length, our custom orthotics easily fit in any pair of dress shoes – even sandals (with the help of a piece of Velcro®). Visit the WalkEZStore for a free foot health evaluation and gait analysis. Plus Kathy can personally create your impressions for your ezWalker® custom orthotics. Or, you can order your ezWalker® custom orthotics online.

Recommend the WalkEZStore to your groom, mother, father and grandparents, too. Kathy can help make sure your whole family is walking EZ with greater comfort on your wedding day.

Let the WalkEZStore help make your wedding day a more comfortable day! Because … when your feet feel good, you feel good.® So you’ll be on your way to your happily ever after.

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.