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Photo credit: iStockphoto/LDProd

You need to buy a new pair of shoes. But you’re really busy at work or taking care of your kids, and you’re just not sure when you’re going to have time to get to the store. A couple decades ago, that might have been a problem since you would have had to make time in your schedule to go shoe shopping. But nowadays, more people are choosing to shop for and buy their shoes online.

While shopping for your shoes online is really convenient and more people are turning to the Internet to buy shoes, you need to know and understand the pros and cons of online shoe shopping before you hit the “buy” button.  

Pros of Online Shoe Shopping

Some of the benefits of shopping online for your shoes include:

  • 24/7 shopping availability. You can shop online anytime of the day or night from the comfort of your own home.
  • Accessibility to a variety of brands and designers. If you’re really wanting to buy a certain designer’s shoes, you don’t have search out a physical store that carries that designer’s shoes.
  • Wide selection of styles and colors. If you’re trying to match your shoes to a certain outfit, online stores carry more styles and color options than traditional shoe stores.
  • More size options. If you wear a women’s size 14 or an extra narrow width shoe, you’ll have more luck finding them online.
  • Price comparison shop. You don’t have to drive around town to comparison shop for the shoes you want.
  • Free online shipping at some stores. Many online shoe stores offer free shipping.
  • Actual new shoes. Contrary to shopping at a department or shoe store, where shoes can be tried on by multiple people, when you shop online, you are actually getting a pair of brand new shoes that haven’t been broken in by someone else.
  • Free return shipping at some stores. Some of the bigger online shoe retailers offer free shipping on returns. So you can buy shoes in multiple sizes and then return the ones you don’t want.

Cons of Online Shoe Shopping

Here are some of the disadvantages of shopping for your shoes online.

  • Disreputable online shoe discounters. Make sure you shop from well-known online shoe stores. If the price is too good to believe, you’re likely going to end up with a shoddily made shoe. Also, check reviews to make sure the store offers good customer service, otherwise you may get the run-around when trying to make returns.
  • Shoes don’t fit properly. If you’re not sure about your shoe size or width, have your feet measured by a qualified professional before you order online. Also, understand what styles of shoes fit your particular foot shape. Slender, tapered feet can wear shoes with a tapered, narrow toe box more comfortably than wider feet. If you have wider feet, look for shoes with a square toe box that will give your feet more ample room. Shoes that don’t fit correctly can cause painful foot conditions.
  • Special footwear needs. If you require special footwear needs due to foot deformities, poor circulation or other physical conditions affecting your feet, you likely need to discuss these issues with a footwear expert before buying your shoes. Customer service reps at online stores may not be knowledgeable concerning your particular needs.
  • Not knowing the brand. Shoe sizes can vary between manufacturers, so you really need to know the brand. Because a size 7 in one brand may be bigger or smaller than a size 7 in another brand. And even by knowing the brand, there are still no guarantees that the shoes will fit once you get them.
  • Shipping charges. Check the online company’s shipping charges before you place the order. What may seem like a great price on a pair of shoes may not be if you have to pay a shipping charge, too.
  • Need your shoes in a hurry. If you must have your shoes by a certain date, like a wedding, you need to make sure you understand the shipping policies of the online company. Some companies may charge more for rush shipping. And if the shoes aren’t delivered on time, you may be out of luck.
  • Backorders. When you buy your shoes online, make sure the item you’re ordering is actually in stock. Otherwise you may have to wait several weeks before your shoes are delivered.
  • Exchanges or returns. Before you buy shoes online, read the company’s exchange and return policies. Some stores may require the shoes to be repackaged in the original packaging and with special return paperwork. Some stores may offer free returns and exchanges while others may charge you a return shipping fee. And some stores may charge a restock fee once the item is returned.
  • Online shopping safety. If you’re uncomfortable buying shoes online, then you probably shouldn’t, especially if you have concerns about the safety of your credit card information. Make sure you purchase from trustworthy companies with secure websites.

Buying your shoes online can be a great way to save time and money, but just make sure you understand the pros and cons before you buy. And to save yourself from future pain, you really need to know your correct shoe size and style to ensure a proper shoe fit. For more information on how to correctly fit your shoes, refer to the WalkEZStore’s Shoe Fitting Guide.

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