Photo Credit: Living Well Indianapolis South magazine

George Allen spent almost 30 years with constant foot pain until he started wearing the WalkEZStore’s ezWalker® Performance Custom Orthotics. Now he says it’s like he has new feet.

He’s not the only WalkEZStore customer who has found pain relief through the use of ezWalker® Performance Custom Orthotics. Several customers share their testimonials in the fall 2013 issue of Living Well Indianapolis South magazine. As Elva Kellogg says, “These orthotics really do work!”

ezWalker® Performance Custom Orthotics are designed on the principle of using the proper biomechanical positioning of your feet when your foot impressions are cast. Our 7-step process of placing your foot into the foam allows your foot to dictate what it needs to give your body the proper support. This impression process takes the guesswork out of ensuring your moulds are correct for the fabrication of your orthotics.

“Better impressions make better orthotics,” says Kathy Carandang, certified pedorthist and owner of the WalkEZStore. “And the use of custom orthotics is like medicine for your feet. Everyone can benefit from a custom orthotic device, whether your goal is help alleviate pain from a chronic condition or foot deformity, or if you just want to be proactive against any problems.”

With ezWalker® Performance Custom Orthotics, your feet’s arches are provided with the correct support they need to prevent or eliminate painful and/or disabling conditions of the foot. These custom orthotics reduce the impact on your body’s lower extremities, while improving your overall posture.

“If you suffer from foot, knee, hip or lower back pain, ezWalker® Performance Custom Orthotics can help reduce the stress and strain on your muscles and joints, while delivering overall better health,” says Carandang.

To learn more, click here to read the full digital edition of the magazine. You’ll find Kathy’s article, “WalkEZStore Rates No. 1 with Customers,” on page 14. Also, check out the BOGO discount deal at the end of the article that Kathy is offering to customers who mention reading it.

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