Photo credit: iStockphoto

Photo credit: iStockphoto

Ok, you may be asking yourself, “My feet? Why should I be thankful for them?”Well, whether you realize it or not, your feet play a vital role in your daily life. They fulfill the important task of supporting your entire body as you stand, walk or run.

How do they do this? A single foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments that help support your weight. The bones in your feet, along with the tendons and ligaments, work together to form the three arches in each foot:

  • Medial Longitudinal Arch – Located along the inside of your foot from the ball of the foot to the heel.
  • Lateral Longitudinal Arch – Located along the outside of your foot from the ball of the foot to the heel.
  • Trans-metatarsal Arch or Transverse Arch – Located across the midfoot from the outside to the inside, posterior to the five toe joints that connect the toes to the foot in the ball of your foot.

These arches help to support and redistribute your body’s weight as you walk. They also absorb the force of your body’s weight. Overall, they provide stability and strength as you walk or run.

Besides your feet’s arches, the plantar fascia (a band of tissue that runs from your heel bone across the bottom of your foot to your toes, connecting to the metatarsal joints) in both feet provides support, too.

When these bones, muscles and ligaments are out of alignment, the strength and stability of your foot is compromised. This misalignment can cause you to overpronate (walk with your ankle tilted inward too much) or supinate (walk with your ankles tilted outward too much). Overpronation and supination can lead to possible injury and foot pain. Plus, improper foot mechanics can cause the joints in your knees, hips and lower back to work harder to compensate for your feet’s misalignment. This, in turn, can cause your knees, hips and lower back to deteriorate, leading to pain and possible injury.

And think about it, when your feet, knees, hips or lower back hurt, it can be difficult to do the things you need or like to do in your life.

So your feet have a pretty important job. And when they’re performing correctly, you should be thankful.

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