PromYour high school prom can be a magical time. But the days leading up to it can be stressful with trying to find the perfect dress, shoes and accessories. While you may put more emphasis on finding the right dress, you also need to make sure you find the right shoes. Otherwise, your entire evening can be ruined by blistered and/or painful feet.

If you want to feel happy and confident throughout your big night, follow these tips to help you choose the best shoes that will look great and feel comfortable into the wee hours.

  1. Keep the length of your dress in mind when choosing shoes. If you’re wearing a long dress, you can get away with wearing flats or kitten heels (1 to 2 inches in height). However, if you’re wearing a shorter dress, you may want to wear a higher heel.
  2. Your shoe style should always complement your dress style. If your dress is more glamorous, you don’t want your shoes competing for attention. For more formal-style gowns, a simpler pair of shoes may be a better choice. For a simpler dress without a lot of pizzazz, you may want a fancier shoe with beading or rhinestones to make your ensemble look more stunning. Also, a embellished shoe can look great with a shorter dress.
  3. Find the right color to harmonize with your dress color. As a general rule, shoes should be in the same tone or darker than your dress. Classic colors like black, navy, white or nude are more likely to go with more dresses. Gold and silver colored shoes can also make your ensemble look a little more glamorous.  However, if you want your shoes to match your dress exactly, you can always have a pair of white shoes dyed to your dress color. But if you want to stand out in crowd, you can add a splash of color to your outfit by wearing a colorful shoe that complements the colors in your dress. Or, you may want a colorful shoe that contrasts with monotone dress, such as red shoes with a black dress.
  4. Consider your shoe height. While high heels are often a popular choice, they may not be the right choice for you. Remember you’re probably going to be dancing a lot during the evening. Plus, high heels can be more dangerous on the dance floor, especially if you’re not used to wearing them. So pick a heel height that you’re comfortable with. Also, be considerate of your date’s height when picking your shoes. You don’t want to make him self-conscious by towering over him.
  5. Keep your shoes on your feet. If you decide to go with high heels or sandals, opt for styles with straps to keep your shoes firmly on your feet while you’re on the dance floor. Also, if your feet begin to hurt, don’t take your shoes off on the dance floor. Otherwise you may end up with an injury from someone stepping on your foot.
  6. PedicureGet a pedicure if you’re wearing open-toed shoes, so your feet and toes look pretty for the occasion.
  7. Choose comfortable, properly fitted footwear. Otherwise you’re going to be miserable. Avoid buying shoes that are too small or pinch your feet. Refer to our Shoe Fitting Guide for information on how to properly fit your shoes to your individual feet.
  8. Give your feet a proper foundation for added comfort. Consider wearing custom orthotics, like ezWalker® Custom Performance Orthotics, in your shoes. These custom orthotics are biomechanically designed to give each of your feet the proper support they need. So not only will you walk (and dance) more efficiently, your feet and entire body will experience less stress and fatigue. ezWalker® Custom Performance Orthotics are ultra thin and ¾ length, so they fit any type of footwear. They can even be made to be concealed in your sandals, so only you know they’re there.
  9. Practice wearing your shoes before prom. Start wearing your new shoes a couple weeks before prom for a few hours each day – especially if you’re not used to wearing higher heeled shoes.
  10. Take extra shoes with you. If you think your feet may hurt later in the evening, pack a pair of flats or other more comfortable shoes that you can change into.

By following these suggestions, you’ll hopefully find a pair of shoes that not only look amazing with your dress, but also feel great on your feet throughout the night.

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Because … when your feet feel good, you feel good.® And who doesn’t want to look and feel fantastic for their prom!