Friends walkingDid you make a resolution to exercise more in 2013? So, how are you doing now that we’re halfway through January? Are you sticking with it? Or, do you just feel overwhelmed by the prospect of fitting it into your schedule and sticking to your goal?

Well, staying fit doesn’t have to be chore. To make it more fun, try teaming up with family members or friends who also want to get fit. 

There are several advantages to having an exercise partner.  

  • You’ll have someone who can hold you accountable to reaching your goals. Especially since you’ll be less likely to cancel if someone is expecting you to show up.
  • You’ll be more apt to try a new activity, like signing up for a 5K charity walk, going to water aerobics or taking a Zumba class, since you’ll feel less intimidated by having a friend there with you.
  • You’ll be more motivated to exercise, especially if the time goes by faster when you’re socializing with a friend.
  • You’ll probably actually get more exercise because you’ll push each other on to do more.
  • It’s safer to work out with a friend. You won’t be running by yourself in an area that might not be as safe when you’re alone. Or, if you injure yourself, your friend can get you the help you need.
  • You’ll feel better and more self-confident from the encouragement you receive from your fitness buddy.

ZumbaBut how do you find the right fitness partner?  

  • Look for someone who has the same fitness level as yours. If you haven’t run in years, don’t choose someone who thinks nothing of running 10 miles a day.
  • Find someone who has the same fitness goals as you do so you can motivate each other. If you need to lose 50 lbs. but your friend only needs to lose 5 lbs., you’ll probably give up fairly quickly.
  • Choose someone you enjoy being with who has things in common with you so you’ll have more things to talk about than just the weather or other people in the exercise class.

To start your fitness plan with another person:  

  • Decide what activity you’ll do such as walking, kick-boxing or swimming.
  • Determine how many days you’ll meet and at what time.
  • Select a location.
  • Call or send emails to remind each other about your fitness dates.
  • Go do it.

Above all, remember to encourage each other all the way, sharing in your successes and struggles to keep each other motivated. And you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals.

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