Many people wonder why custom-made orthotics cost so much, especially when you can go to Amazon and find so-called “orthotics” ranging in price from $5 on up. But as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

Most of the over-the-counter arch supports you find on Amazon and in some brick-and-mortar shops are NOT custom made. So, they are NOT a true orthotic. They are simply over-the-counter arch supports that are mass manufactured in a factory, so the left and the right supports are mirror-matched images of each other. They are NOT made specifically for your individual feet.

Fact: True custom-made orthotics do cost more than mass-manufactured arch supports.  

Some reasons why custom-fabricated orthotics cost more:  

  • Custom-made orthotics vary greatly depending upon how they’re made. Foot care professionals may use a casting process, a foam impression or 3D computer imaging in order to create a true custom orthotic. These processes can be very time consuming and sometimes messy. Plus they require a lot of “hand work” by the foot care professional. Whereas, over-the-counter arch support and some orthotic laboratories/factories have automated the process, so they can crank out hundreds/thousands of mass-manufactured arch supports in little time. Therefore, the less time it takes to make an arch support, the lower the cost. And the more time required to create a custom orthotic, the greater the cost.
  • The creation of a custom-made orthotic requires a lot of skill and knowledge by the person making the orthotic. Certified pedorthists, orthotists and podiatrists are qualified health care professionals who have studied a great deal about human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and gait analysis and other topics related to foot care. They can accurately assess your specific foot problems and create a foot impression that addresses your individual needs. Most of the people who sell over-the-counter arch supports are only trained to do one thing – sell. Therefore, the more skill needed to create a custom orthotic, the greater the cost.
  • True custom-made orthotics are designed to individually control your specific biomechanical faults – something mass-manufactured arch supports simply cannot do. Mass-manufactured arch supports are mirror images of each other. Your feet are not.

It’s funny; most people don’t seem to question why contact lenses or glasses cost so much. If they correct the person’s vision, then they’re deemed worth the cost. So why are custom-made foot orthotics any different?

ezWalker Custom Performance Orthotics: A Better Value for Your Money  

Excessive pronation or other foot conditions can cause subtle changes in your posture and the way you walk, leading to structural imbalances, pain and possible injury. However, custom-fitted orthotics, like ezWalker® Custom Performance Orthotics, provide the support your spine needs from your feet up, control pronation, and guide your feet to a better biomechanical gait.  

ezWalker® Custom Orthotics are created by Kathy Carandang, a certified pedorthist. Kathy has developed a unique 7-step casting process that creates a precise biomechanical impression of your foot, allowing it to determine your arch height. This strategic process controls your hind foot and allows proper function of the 1st metatarsal joint – creating a better step with each step you take. Your impressions are used to create handmade, custom-fitted orthotics that will relieve your pain while improving your feet’s function and health. Better impressions make better orthotics, and we guarantee it.

So don’t waste your money with over-the-counter arch supports or orthotics made from a collapsed foot impression. These products will not support your feet properly or help you to walk better. So, order your ezWalker® Custom Performance Orthotics today. They offer the best solution for your money while providing you with long-term health and wellness benefits. But don’t just believe us, see what other people have to say about our custom orthotics.

Because … when your feet feel good, you feel good.