Remember when your mom used to tell you to stand or sit up straight and quit slouching. Well, she was right. Good posture is important for the strength of your spine because it means your bones are properly aligned. Plus your muscles, joints and ligaments can work in the manner in which they were intended.  When you have good posture, your vital organs are positioned correctly within your body. So, you breathe better; your digestive system functions properly; and your nervous system works the way it should.

When you slouch or have poor posture, your entire skeletal system repositions itself incorrectly, creating increased stress and strain on your joints and muscles all the way down to your feet. You can experience headaches and inflammation and pain from your jaw bone to your neck, shoulders, back, legs, and feet. Bad posture also can compromise your overall health. You can experience muscular fatigue or be unable to move or work efficiently.

But by understanding how bad posture occurs, you can take steps to correct it. Some factors that can contribute to poor posture include:

  • Excessive weight
  • Poor mattress support
  • Poorly designed car seats
  • Sedentary lifestyle leading to more time in front of a computer or TV
  • Careless sitting or standing
  • Poorly designed work space
  • Increased age leading to weaken muscles
  • Foot problems or incorrect foot placement that causes your feet to roll inward or outward throwing your spine out of whack
  • Improper shoes

If you experience chronic pain due to any of these factors, you can obtain relief by getting and maintaining good posture. Custom orthotics, like ezWalker® Custom Performance Orthotics, are biomechanically designed to properly support the arches of your feet and redistribute your body weight evenly over both of your feet, bringing your whole body into correct alignment. These custom arch supports correct your stance by placing your feet into a more optimally controlled position, eliminating the pain and pressure caused from incorrect gait cycle. With ezWalker® Custom Orthotics, your feet are guided from lateral heel to medial forefoot – the correct motions of the gait cycle. So you’ll experience pain relief and comfort throughout your body.

The uses a unique, 7-step, biomechanical, non-weight-bearing, custom-impression process to create a functional orthotic that controls the hind foot and allows proper function of the first metatarsal joint – creating a better step with each step you take. So order your ezWalker® Custom Performance Orthotics today!

Because … when your feet feel good, you feel good.