Do you have a toe or toes that curl? Do these toes resemble a hammer or claw? Do these toes have corns and calluses on them from rubbing the inside of your shoes? Do you have a hard time moving these toes? Do these toes give you pain when walking or performing other foot movements? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you probably have hammertoe.

Hammertoe is a deformity that causes the second, third and/or fourth toes to curl or bend downward. This condition gets its name due to the unnatural bending of the toes since they resemble a hammer or claw.

Hammertoe can be inherited and present at birth. Or, it can develop over time by wearing shoes that are too short, narrow and tight which force the toes into a bent position. Eventually, the muscles and tendons in the toes tighten and become shorter.

At the start of the condition, your toes are usually flexible at the joint. You may be able to move and straighten them. But if this condition is left untreated, your toes can become so rigid that you can’t move them. Eventually, you may develop corns or calluses on the bent joints and/or the tips of the toes, too. Hammertoe can make walking and wearing shoes painful.

If you suffer from hammertoe, you can find relief by:  

  • Wearing properly fitted shoes with wide toe boxes. Avoid shoes that are too short by making sure that there’s a half-inch of space between your longest toe and the inside tip of your shoe. Refer to our Shoe Fitting Guide for more information on how to correctly fit your shoes.
  • Avoiding high heels that force your body’s weight forward onto the balls of your feet and crushing your toes against the insides of your shoes. Wear flats or shoes with heels that are less than 2 inches tall.
  • Protecting your toe joints with corn pads or felt pads.
  • Applying ice packs several times a day to reduce pain and swelling when your toes are inflamed.
  • Wearing a hammertoe pad/splint to straighten and cushion the toe.
  • Doing gentle stretching exercises, such as stretching your toe muscles, picking up marbles with your toes, and picking up a towel with your toes.
  • Wearing a custom insole, like ezWalker® Performance Insoles, to relieve the pain and pressure of hammertoe by strategically supporting the medial, lateral and trans-metatarsal arches. When your arches are properly supported, the pressure on the balls of your feet is relieved, releasing the action that causes hammertoe in the first place. Since ezWalker® Insoles are custom molded to the specifications of each of your feet, you’ll receive the individualized support you need to relieve pain and produce comfort.

If you’re experiencing severe hammertoe symptoms, you may require surgery to straighten the joints of your affected toes.

To prevent hammertoe from occurring, you should buy shoes that are properly fitted, with ample toe room and low heels. Also, you should select shoes that are comfortable with cushioned insoles.

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Note: If you follow these guidelines and your pain persists, you may have a more serious condition. See your physician for a more complete diagnosis and treatment.