In the summertime, sometimes the days are just too hot to even think about going for a walk or run. So water aerobics can be a great way to get a workout without a lot of sweat.

Water aerobics is a non-weight bearing, resistance and aerobic exercise that’s performed in shallow to deep water. You can do aqua aerobics in any swimming pool or even in some lakes. You can perform it at any level – from beginner to more advanced formats that incorporate zumba, kickboxing or cross-country skiing movements. You adjust your activity level to your individual needs, restrictions and abilities. All you need is warm weather (or an indoor pool in cooler weather).

The benefits of water aerobics include:  

  • Non-weight bearing/low-impact exercise – The water provides buoyancy, which means the water supports more of your body’s weight so you feel about 90% lighter (according to the American Council on Exercise). Therefore, you don’t experience the same impact on your joints and muscles when walking or running in water as you would if you were on land. Since less stress is exerted on the joints and muscles, aqua aerobics is a great activity for older individuals, women who are pregnant, or people with arthritis, back or knee problems, and foot or leg injuries/conditions. Also if you’re overweight or haven’t exercised in a while, water aerobics is an easy activity to do to begin exercising again.
  • Less social embarrassment – Since most water fitness movements are performed underwater, you don’t have to feel intimidated by complex movements as you might in some aerobic classes. No one can tell if you do something wrong under the water.
  • Improved cardiovascular conditioning – Since it’s an aerobic activity, you’ll increase your heart rate and your body’s oxygen intake. People who participate in water aerobics have also been found to have high HDL cholesterol levels (good cholesterol) and better circulation.
  • Increased strength and endurance – Since water is denser than air, it offers more resistance. So when you’re working out in the water, your muscles have to work against that resistance in all directions. Therefore, your muscles become stronger and more toned. And the more you work out in the water, the greater your muscle endurance will become. For increased water resistance, you can work out with water weights, floating belts, kickboards, water paddles and other equipment.
  • Improved flexibility and balance – Because the water has reduced gravitational pull, you can increase your flexibility while working out. Also, the water’s resistance capabilities cause you to work harder to maintain your balance.
  • Total body workout – Water aerobics allows you to exercise all your muscles and joints at the same time.
  • More calories burned – You’ll burn calories more efficiently and lose weight. The actual number of calories you’ll burn depends upon your size, the intensity of your movements, the water temperature, and the water depth. On average, you’ll burn about 264 calories during a 30-minute workout compared to 135 calories while walking. In general, the faster your movements and the deeper the water, the more calories you’ll burn.
  • Less sweat exerted – The water keeps you cool as you exercise, so you’ll sweat less.

Overall, water aerobics provides you with less strain on your joints and muscles and more fun in the sun. 

However, before you start any exercise program, you should talk with your doctor first to determine the right level and intensity of the program for your needs and abilities. Then grab your swimsuit and head to the pool.

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