Nordic walking has become a hot new trend in aerobic fitness. Nordic walking was first practiced in Finland as an off-season ski-training activity, but soon it caught on in the rest of the world as a new way to exercise.

Nordic walking combines fitness walking with cross-country skiing since you use specially designed, hand-held Nordic walking poles similar to cross-country ski poles. It provides a low-stress, total-body aerobic workout that almost anyone can do. It’s also safe for older individuals who can’t handle the stress and strain on their joints from jogging or running. The poles also provide more balance and stability when walking, increasing your safety while preventing falls. And since you’re transferring the impact of walking from your legs to the poles, exercising will be more comfortable.

Nordic walking offers numerous health benefits when compared to regular walking, jogging, running or biking. It works 90% of your muscles (when using proper technique) compared to normal walking, which only works 70% of your muscles. And it increases your heart rate by 10-15% more than regular walking, so your oxygen consumption is increased. Plus when you practice Nordic walking for about 3 hours a week, you can reduce your risk of illness.

Other benefits you can achieve by Nordic walking include:

  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Reduced cholesterol.
  • Reduced back, shoulder and neck pain.
  • Up to 40% more calories burned (up to 450 calories an hour) for enhanced weight loss.
  • Increased upper body (stomach, chest, back and arms) strength.
  • Decreased joint stress.
  • Enhanced mood.

But the main reason you should give Nordic walking a try is, it’s fun and convenient to do. And after learning proper technique, you can even go Nordic walking at indoor walking tracks when the weather is bad.

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