Now that the weather is turning nicer, you may be walking outside more. Walking is a great way to get and stay fit. But perhaps you’re ready to try something different. If you’d like to experience a mental, as well as physical, workout, you may want to try Chi Walking.

What Is Chi Walking? 

Chi (pronounced chee) is the energy or life force that flows through our bodies. Chi Walking blends walking with the basic principles of T’ai Chi, a Chinese martial art, so you form a mind/body connection while you walk. In Chi Walking, you focus your thoughts on your movements rather than letting your mind wander. You concentrate on:

  • Walking with good posture and proper biomechanics.
  • Engaging more muscle groups while you walk.
  • Creating a balance between your upper and lower body to lessen pressure on your joints.
  • Relaxing your muscles and joints in your arms and legs.
  • Maintaining proper breathing technique.

When your walking style is focused, your Chi is strong and balanced as it flows through your body. A strong, balanced Chi equals good health and better energy.

What Are the Benefits of Chi Walking? 

Chi Walking enables you to:

  • Walk faster and farther with less effort.
  • Lose weight.
  • Become stronger.
  • Gain better muscle tone.
  • Improve your balance.
  • Reduce stress and strain on your muscles and joints.
  • Eliminate or reduce pain from walking incorrectly.
  • Avoid long-term injuries like knee or hip problems.
  • Improve how you feel each day.

Chi Walking addresses your total body, mind and spirit needs. For more information about Chi Walking, visit

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