Are you going to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving, spending Christmas at Disney World, or skiing in Colorado over New Year’s Day? Traveling over the holidays can be expensive, stressful, and tiring on your feet. But with careful planning, your holiday trip can be more enjoyable.

1. Anticipate delays getting to the airport. The holiday season means lots of people will be traveling, so plan for traffic jams and full parking lots.

2. Arrive early at airports. Plan to arrive at the airport at least 1-1/2 hours before your scheduled flight for domestic travel and 2 hours for international travel. Expect long lines at check-in and security.

3. Know your airline’s baggage rules.  Check online for rules on fees, weight limits, and oversized items like skis or snowboards, as well as TSA rules regarding liquids and gels.

4. Travel light. By not overstuffing your bags, you won’t have to lug around heavy suitcases, and it’ll make it easier if security personnel have to inspect your bags.

5. Carry on essentials. Make sure your carry-on bag contains an ample supply of any medications, plus a change of clothes, if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

6. Don’t wrap gifts. If you plan to carry gifts in your luggage, don’t wrap them in the event that security needs to inspect them.

7. Use address tags on luggage. Put address tags on the outside and inside of all bags, since external tags may get torn off.

8. Make copies of your travel information. In addition to keeping your travel documents in a safe place, make copies in case the originals are lost. During the holiday season, most offices are closed or function with a skeleton staff, so it may be difficult to obtain replacements.

9. Bring food and recreational items. Anticipate delays – take books, magazines, hand-held games, iPods, and snacks with you, especially if you’re traveling with kids.

10. Charge your cell phone. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged before you leave for the airport.

11. Wear comfortable, easy-to-remove shoes. Since you’ll be going through security, make sure to wear shoes that can be removed easily. Also wear comfortable shoes since you never know how far you may need to walk to get to gates or baggage claim. Make sure you wear socks when going through security – going barefoot exposes your feet to dirt, bacteria, and viruses.

12. Walk or stretch your feet often. If you’re sitting for long periods of time while traveling, be sure to stretch your feet and legs or walk frequently. Long periods of sitting can restrict blood flow to your legs or feet. To prevent swelling and blood clots in your legs, walk around for at least 5 minutes for every 45 minutes you’ve spent sitting while traveling. If you are pregnant, obese or have circulation or blood disorders, you should wear compression socks when traveling by air to keep the blood in your legs circulating and to prevent blood clots from forming.

13. Consider wearing shoe inserts during your travels. If you suffer from foot conditions, like bunions or plantar fasciitis, wear custom orthotics that will support your feet like the ezWalker Performance Insole. These insoles are customized to each of your feet – ensuring you’ll get the exact support each foot needs. Every step you take while traveling will be biomechanically correct – reducing your risk of foot pain. ezWalkers are ultra thin and ¾ in length, so they easily fit into any footwear you take on your trip.

14. Keep your cool. Above all, don’t lose your temper while traveling. Airline employees wield a considerable amount of power; and they don’t respond well to anger.

By following these tips, your holiday travel should be less stressful; and your mood should be happier and more in keeping with the season.

Plus, your feet will thank you as well. Put an ezWalker in your shoes and put a smile on your face.

Remember … when your feet feel good, you feel good.