It’s almost time for Halloween this year. Kids love Halloween. They love dressing up in costumes, going from door to door, and saying “Trick-or-Treat.” They especially love going through all their loot and eating candy until they’re almost sick. Heck, a lot of adults love Halloween, too. Who hasn’t gone through their kids’ candy, picking out their favorites to eat?

While trick-or-treating can be a great adventure for kids and parents, it’s important to remember a few tips to keep the evening safe and fun.

1. Dress appropriately

Make sure the kids wear well-fitting, fire-proof costumes that don’t drag on the ground, so they don’t trip or get entangled in fences or landscaping. Add reflective tape to their costumes or trick-or-treat bags so drivers can see them. Check that their masks fit well and allow them to see where they’re going. Also, you and your kids should wear well-fitting, walking shoes. Shoes that are too tight can cause blisters or calluses.

2. Examine any props

Check out any props, like a knife, pitchfork or broom, your kids are carrying to verify that they’re soft, smooth and flexible. This will help to prevent an injury if your child should fall on them.

3. A responsible adult should accompany children

Either take your children out trick-or-treating yourself, or determine that another parent or two is going around with them, especially if there is a group of kids.

4. Establish a plan for older kids

If your adolescent is going out trick-or-treating with a group of kids, tell him or her to stay with their group. Better yet, plan a safe route so you know where they are. Inform them to stay in populated areas and not to cut through back alleys or fields alone. Set a specific time for them to be home. Also, double-check that they have a cell phone with them, so you can check on them, and they can call if problems arise.

5. Obey all town curfews

If your town establishes a set time for trick-or-treating, make sure you and your children stick to the curfew times.

6. Carry a flashlight or glow stick

You or your children should carry a flashlight and/or a glow stick for better visibility to drivers. Plus a flashlight will help you or your kids see any hazards on the sidewalk or the road.

7. Cross all streets properly

Be sure your children know how to cross a street properly. They should always look both ways before crossing the street. Also, they should only cross at corners or crosswalks, whenever possible, and should avoid running out from in-between cars. Hold the hand of younger children when crossing the street.

8. Never go into a home or get  into a car of a stranger 

Teach your children that they should never go into a home or get into a car of a stranger. They should only enter homes if they’re with a parent or adult they know. Otherwise, they should  stay outside. If a stranger does pull them into a home or a car, instruct them to scream as loud as they can to draw attention, and, if possible, to run away as fast as they can to someplace safe.

9. Wait to eat treats at home 

Tell your children that they should not eat any treats until they bring them home to be examined by you first. Determine if any treats have been tampered with or pose a choking hazard. Also, to prevent stomachaches, limit the amount of treats eaten.

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With these tips, you can make Halloween a fun, safe and happy time for you and your children.

Remember … when your feet feel good, you feel good.