Painful or injured feet can really ruin your summer vacation. Regardless of how you’re traveling to your vacation destination or what your holiday itinerary looks like, your feet often endure aches and pains while on the road. But by following these basic foot care tips, you can minimize sore, tired, or injured foot muscles and joints while keeping your feet happy and safe during your trip.

Select the right shoes. Be proactive – wear and pack appropriate shoes for your vacation. Avoid taking narrow or snug dress shoes, 3-inch high heels, or any new shoes on vacation which can irritate your feet, leading to blisters, calluses, pain, or swelling. If you plan on dancing during your trip, choose shoes with low heels that support your arches and are comfortable on your feet. If you know you’ll be doing a lot of walking on vacation, take comfortable, supportive athletic shoes that will allow your feet to breathe and provide cushioning. Also remember to pack and wear socks with your athletic shoes. Socks will protect your feet from shoe friction that can cause blisters and calluses.

Wear comfortable, easy-to-remove shoes when traveling by air. You never know how far you may need to walk to get to the terminal or between gates. Never wear loose-fitting flip-flops or sandals since you increase your risk of tripping, falling, and injuring your feet or ankles when hurrying to make a connecting flight. Since you know you’ll have to go through security, be sure to wear shoes that you can take off and on easily.

Never walk barefoot through airport security. Always remember to wear socks with your shoes. Walking barefoot through high-foot traffic areas exposes your feet to dirt, bacteria, and viruses that can cause plantar warts and athlete’s foot.

Stretch your feet often. If you’re sitting for long periods of time while traveling, frequently exercise your feet – roll your ankles in circles and point and flex your feet to maintain blood flow. Unlace your shoes if your feet start to swell.

Walk frequently. If you’re traveling for more than two hours, be sure to schedule walking breaks. Sitting for long periods of time can restrict the blood flow to your legs and feet. To prevent swelling and deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the legs), make sure to walk around for at least five minutes for every 45 minutes you’ve spent sitting down while traveling. If you have certain conditions (such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, blood disorders, or are pregnant), or you recently had surgery or were hospitalized, you should wear compression socks when traveling by air to keep the blood in your legs circulating and to prevent blood clots from forming.

Bring flip-flops, sandals, or water shoes to wear in locker rooms, at the beach, and around pools. Avoid walking barefoot in locker rooms and around pools to decrease exposure to athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, or plantar wart viruses. When possible, wear flip-flops or sandals at the beach to avoid cuts from rocks or shells, or potential stings from jellyfish.

Pack a small first aid kit. In case you have a minor foot problem while on vacation, pack adhesive bandages, antibiotic cream, antifungal cream or powder, tweezers, and nail clippers in a small bag. If you should get a more serious puncture wound or cut while on vacation, make sure to see a physician to prevent an infection or other complications.

Don’t overdo it on vacation. Your vacation is, after all, a vacation – not a marathon. If your feet hurt or are swollen, you should apply ice, elevate, and rest them.

Consider getting shoe inserts before leaving on vacation. If you suffer from corns, calluses, bunions, arch or heel pain, purchase shoe inserts that will support your feet, like the ezWalker® Performance Insole or the ezWalker® Basic Insole. Since they are ultra thin and ¾ in length, ezWalker® insoles easily fit into any footwear you may take on vacation, including athletic, dress, or casual shoes. With the ezWalker® Performance Insole, each insole is customized to each of your feet – ensuring you will get the exact support each foot needs. With proactive use of performance insoles, every step you take on your vacation will be bio-mechanically correct – reducing your risk of foot pain and protecting your feet from possible injury. Order your ezWalker® shoe inserts today. Don’t let foot pain ruin your vacation. You want your feet to be as happy as you’ll be on vacation. Put an ezWalker® in your shoes and put a smile on your face.