I was cleaning out my briefcase and ran across this testimonial I received from a customer about a year ago. I can’t believe I have left it there and basically have forgotten about it. Funny how now that I’m a digital junkie I forget about the old fashioned letter laying in my midst.  However, when I found it I felt a need to share this story because it touches my heart. You may know someone like this as well. 


“I’m George Allen, and I’m a Marine. Ok, I’m a retired Marine, but once a Marine, always a Marine. I went into the USMC Reserve in 1964. In 1967 I went into active duty and did a tour in Vietnam in “68 and ’69. I remained in the reserve thru 1991 serving during Desert Storm in as well. 

As a young man I was very athletic and had mild problems with my feet playing football in high school. I suffered severely after joining the Marines and began wearing combat boots and doing all that heavy training. Even after short marches and runs, my feet would often wind up looking like raw hamburger, from blistering and chafing, no matter if I used fresh socks, foot powder, or whatever.  Nothing seemed to make a difference. I assumed this was just the way my feet were and I would have to live with this problem.  After retiring from the Marines in 1991, I still had problems with civilian shoes and their overall lack of proper support; hence I always had aching feet. It wasn’t till I met Kathy a few years ago, and she fitted me for my first pair of properly fitting shoes and custom arch supports that most of those problems went away. I feel relative certain all those years of improperly fitted and supported footwear did damage that I will live with for the rest of my life. I especially appreciate how comfortable my athletic shoes always feel with my custom fitted insoles. I have to say, Kathy really knows what she is doing and I would recommend her to anyone with foot pain issues. 

Wow, now that I read it again it’s even more humbling than when I received it. Let me just explain. George suffers from a condition known as Genu Varum or bow legs. This is most likely from the lack of proper alignment in his feet when he was in his developmental years. His feet actually made his knees have to adjust to that, therefore causing the bow legs. This has no doubt been the root of his pain all of this life. I wish I could have helped him when he was much younger, but that’s of course not possible. But if I can say, if you have a child or know a child with a bow legged look, even if it is mild, please take that child for an evaluation with an orthopedic pediatrician. Or simply find a good Certified Pedorthist and get some custom crafted orthotics for his or her shoes to help guide those little feet to a better gait. The knees will improve as well. Where the feet go the knees do follow. Make sure the orthotics are bio-mechanically designed so those little feet align properly and help the entire body be guided to a better overall posture for like. Remember, properly fitting footwear is important, but not as important as what’s inside the shoes. A quality bio-mechanically designed custom orthotic is a must for any one at any age. Shoes come in mirror matched images, feet do not. Nuff said!

So thanks George for that awesome testimonial and reminding me to speak more often of the importance of proper alignment for the young feet so the entire body can be better throughout life. Guide them before the growth plates are set and you can give them great feet for life. 

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