I have had a very rewarding day. Theresa Campbell of Argos IN, determined to get relief for her hurting feet, drove almost 3 hrs to come to The Walkezstore 2 months ago. Determined to help, I started with one of the best orthopedic shoes made, and created a heat molded insole designed to simply relieve pressure points and add comfort. She called in less than 2 weeks complaining of pain. She came back and I adjusted the insoles. It didn’t work, she was still in pain. 

Born with a congenital flat foot, she’s been in pain all her life. She has tried everything, nothing ever helped. I’ve tried to help her for about 2 months now with no luck. I didn’t make her an ezWalker, her feet are really bad and I was afraid she would be in worse pain because of how the ezWalker supports and controls. But even everything I did was not working. So today we made Theresa an ezWalker. The ezWalker Custom Orthotic is bio-mechanically designed to control the hind foot which releases the forefoot and guides the feet to walk more efficiently. I put them in her shoes and she went for a walk. When she returned she asked if I had some stairs to try. I said sure and we headed for them. She began to climb my stairs and seemed to be doing well, but I’ve never seen her do stairs so I wasn’t sure what she was thinking or feeling. On her way back down she said with a smile, “I’ve never been able to climb stairs with such ease. These really feel good!”  When she reached the bottom we hugged and cried together. Tears of joy of course.

I will never underestimate the power of an ezWalker Custom Orthotic ever again.

Once again, this is why I do what I do.