This is the continuing story of Ray and his poor hurting feet, knees, and legs.

So all 9 pair of Rays shoes have come in and as I un-boxed each of them, Ray’s eyes picked the shoes he liked. I reminded him that he promised not to let his eyes pick the shoes as much as letting his feet do that job.  It’s more important to let your feet do that job. “OK” he replied. 

I can always tell a quality shoe when I un-box it because I know what kind of craftsmanship speaks quality. A Goodyear Welt as it’s called, is when the top of the shoe is stitched to the sole and not just bonded. The pair I picked has a Goodyear Welt. But Ray was not too impressed with that pair. So,I tried on all the other shoes first. He said they felt ok, but then we got to the pair with the Goodyear Welt. When I slipped this pair on his feet he was very surprised. He said, “OMG! These feel fantastic!” I agreed, and told him he was feeling the quality even before he stood up. He took a stroll around the room and with no doubt those were the ones. I placed the lateral heel wedges and metatarsal supports in each shoe, he paid for them, and walked out with them on. We tossed the old shoes in the trash. I love doing that. LOL

About an hour later he came back to the store. I thought maybe something was wrong, but Ray just wanted to ask one question. “Should I be feeling this good this fast?” “Yes” I said. We had a good laugh and Ray is truly Walkin’ EZ now.

Makes you wonder if he’d seen a Pedorthist about 40 years ago and had been wearing the proper fit and support all these years if he would have still suffered with knee and hip pain. I venture to say, “probably not.” 

Case and point….Over the counter arch support may not be what you need. Don’t try to self fit and support your shoes without being assessed and taught you truly need. No 2 feet are created equal and no 2 pairs of shoes are either.