The next time you get invited to a party, remember your feet. Not to take them… to take care of them.

With Spring right around the corner, so is Prom season. And of course all the beautiful spring weddings are beginning to appear on the calendar as well. What’s the first thing you think of when you get an invitation to a formal event? Of course, what to wear. Before you go out and buy the perfect outfit for the occasion, think first what are you going to wear on your feet. Yes, start with your feet when putting together the perfect outfit, and start with comfortable footwear. That doesn’t mean you have to wear ugly shoes as long as you learn how to fit your shoes correctly and use a proper custom arch support inside them for optimum long term comfort. Start with an ezWalker Custom Arch Support designed to fit in high fashion footwear from The If you have an ezWalker for fashion/dress shoes, you will be supported properly and not only will you look good, but you’ll feel great all day and into the night as well. Starting with the perfect pair, you can then build your outfit around the shoes. Let’s face it, it’s allot easier to find a dress, or skirt and blouse, suit, or even a lovely pant outfit that fits properly, than it is to find that perfect pair of shoes to go with it. Starting with the shoes, takes away the trouble of finding a pair that goes with the outfit and that you can keep on your feet without foot discomfort. 

Here’s some tips for choosing a pair of shoes that works well and you can look great in as well. 

1st. Choose something that has classic style and a shape that is similar to the shape of your foot. If you have a square forefoot, then it’s best to not choose a pair of shoes with a pointy toe box. A more rounded toe box is probably going to be more comfortable long term. The more classic the style the more likely you’ll be able to find more than one outfit to wear them with. But of course, if your trying on shoes and you find a pair of trendy ones that fit to a tee, then by all means buy them and go on the hunt for the perfect outfit to wear with them. You’ll be striking wherever you go.

2nd. Pick a classic color. Wild colors are fun and look great with certain outfits, but a classic color like black, navy, white, or even silver or gold, are more likely to go with more outfits. I really like silver or gold footwear because it’s versatile when choosing other colors to go with them, and you can dress them up or dress them down. 

3rd. Make sure they fit properly in length. This is were most women go wrong when choosing a pair of shoes. Most shoes are made in one width. So if you put on a pair of shoes in the size you think you are, and they are too big or too small, you probably adjust the size up or down accordingly. WRONG! First check to see where the ball of your foot (or the big toe joint) is sitting in the shoe. If it is sitting at the spot in the shoe where the arch ends and the forefoot begins, the length of the shoe is correct. If it feels too big or too small but your length is correct, you have a width problem. If it’s to big that’s easy to fix. Alterations can be made to the shoes to make the width more narrow. But if it’s too narrow in the first place, you might try going up a half size to gain some width. If the half size bigger is still too narrow, you need to pick a different shoes. That one is not the right pattern for your foot. If when you put the shoe on the ball of your foot is sitting forward of the spot it’s suppose to be (again, where the arch stops and the forefoot begins) then the shoe is too short and you must go longer for a proper fit. You can get more information at Here you will find complete instructions on how to properly fit your shoes for best comfort. You will also find good graphics to show you where your foot should sit inside a shoe. Once you learn how to properly fit your shoes and you finally wear well fitted footwear, you will wonder how you ever wore your old ill-fitting footwear. 

4th. Invest in a proper bio mechanically designed pair of custom orthotics like the ones at Here you will find the ezWalker Custom Orthotic made for all types of footwear. No longer do you need to have special shoes if you want to wear a custom orthotic. As a matter of fact, no one should be without an ezWalker Custom Orthotic. You see, shoes are made in mirror matched images, feet are not. So if you put on a pair of mass manufactured mirror match image shoes, how can you expect them to feel really really good without putting something in those shoes that’s designed specifically for your feet?  That’s where the ezWalker Custom Orthotic can help. The ezWalker is bio mechanically designed to give each one of your feet just exactly what they’re looking for in the way of proper support so they can walk more efficiently, reducing stress and fatigue on not only your feet, but your entire body. When you align your feet with an ezWalker Custom Insole, your whole body can tell the difference. Align your feet and that helps your knees, hips, back and overall posture. When your feet feel good you feel good. And the ezWalker is 3/4 length and so ultra thin it really will fit in any type footwear you want to wear. From work shoes to casual shoes to athletic shoes and even fashion shoes and dance shoes, the ezWalker works. It can even be made to go in sandals and can be concealed to look like it is a part of the shoes. Only you will know whats under your feet, and you’ll wonder what you ever did without it. 

So, don’t forget to think about your feet the next time you get an invitation to a formal affair. For that matter, the next time you get an invitation to anything. It’s no fun trying to have fun, when your uncomfortable. So check out the information at The You’ll be glad you did. Any questions, contact us at This is the place where fit and fashion meet comfort. The is home to the ezWalker Custom Orthotic. All day comfort for all your everyday shoes. Don’t leave the closet without it.