If you listen to the media, pronation has a bad rap. However in reality, pronation is a necessary motion of the foot for the foot to walk correctly Pronation is the tendency of the foot to rotate inward during walking or running motions. Suppination is the opposite of Pronation. It’s when the foot rotates outward during walking or running motions. When the degree of inward or outward roll is too harsh, it can cause arch support problems, as well as shin pain and heel pain. Pronation is necessary for the foot to work correctly, however,  it’s only a good thing when the degree of pronation does not extend past the point of balance. Balance is created when something on one side is balanced by something on the opposite side. So when the foot rolls in or out too much at heel strike, it will balance to the other side of the forefoot when it goes to toe off in preparation for taking another step with the other foot. If this is controlled just right at a strategic place the foot can be guided to a more desirable bio mechanically balanced step allowing forefoot loading to be in the area of the big toe joint and not the lesser toes. Big joints like the big toe joint carry weight and little joints are there for balance and stability only. But most of us carry a load on the littler joints because of improper bio mechanics due to lack of proper support at the right spot in the hind foot. This spot is directly under the inside ankle bone or at the rear of the medial arch.

Acupuncture has shown to be effective in the treatment of certain painful lower leg conditions. The concept behind the needle and the certain areas they stimulate is to focus the flow of electricity and blood to the affected areas. Therefore, the body is able to cure by itself, and the pain is alleviated. A medical study conducted in 1996 demonstrated that acupuncture was able to successfully return blood flow to the areas that had previously suffered from lack of blood flow. To help this heeling to be more long term the use of a bio mechanically designed custom orthotic is recommended. This is a device that will help the foot to have better functionality and not lock up the movement of the foot like most medically designed custom orthotics do. Medical orthotics are used when the foot needs to be stabilized and motion is discouraged to speed heeling of soft tissue damage conditions. When blood flow and flexibility is recommended a bio mechanical custom orthotic is the only thing that will work. This device actually encourages proper movement therefore increasing proper function and health. 

Wearing proper bio mechanically designed custom arch support inserts like the ezWalker Custom Orthotic from www.walkezstore.com is a good option to provide the feet with preventive care, as well as to treat lesser foot aches due to lack of arch support. When the arch does not support itself during everyday activities, the arch flattens and cannot properly support the weight or the body. The full power of the impact can cause heel spurs, shin pain, and fascia swelling or more commonly known as plantar fasciitis, just to name a few. By using the ezWalker Custom Orthotics, the arch is supported in a way that produces better bio mechanics to the foot, increasing balance, stability, and allowing the entire body to function adequately with respect to absorption of impact. This extraordinary supplement to your footwear can make everyday walking as well as heavier physical activity easier and banish foot, knee, hip, and even low back pain.

For those who suffer from foot pain and conditions of the lower legs and back, the mere act of walking can be excruciating. However, with a proper bio mechanically designed insert like the ezWalker Custom Orthotic,  pro-active care will provide effective treatment early on, your foot pain will improve before the situation worsens and re-injury can be prevented. Your feet will wonder what took you so long to put an ezWalker underneath them. Your feet are your foundation, support them properly and they will in turn support you properly. Your whole body will love you for it. Call today…888-3-WALK-EZ. Customer service representatives are standing by to take you call. Dont’ take another painful step. Call now! Because…When your feet feel good you feel good.