Wearing ezWalker Custom Orthotics is a great option to prevent foot conditions in the first place, as well as for treating minor foot and leg soreness due to lacking arch support. As in the case of a flat foot, when the foot arch fails to support itself during everyday activities, the arch fails to absorb the impact of the body’s weight. The full power of the impact can cause plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and bunions, just to name a few. By using ezWalker Custom Orthotics, the arch is properly supported, and the entire foot functions properly, increasing the ability of the foot to absorb shock. This extraordinary addition to any of your footwear choices, an ezWalker Custom Orthotic can increase performance and stamina as well as eliminate foot pain. Other perks of properly balanced feet are better stability, balance, posture, and an overall reduction of stress and strain on the entire body. 

For those who deal with the severe foot pain issues, it is usually caused from a poor bio mechanical function in that foot. As in the case of a flat foot, the mere act of walking can be painful and sometimes almost impossible. Nevertheless, with proper preventive care and effective treatment provided early on, the feet can get better faster and avoid re-injury. If you have been a flat foot for many many years, you can still benefit from the type of support the ezWalker Custom Orthotic offers. The ezWalker will bio mechanically enhance the flat foot by raising the arch at the STT joint (sustentaculum tali joint) supporting it, controlling pronation just enough to allow the forefoot to follow with a balanced and guided load into the 1st metatarsal joint, or the big toe joint. This is the largest joint in the forefoot and designed to carry weight. The lesser metatarsal joints are there for balance and stability, and not designed to carry weight over long periods of time. However, if the arch is not controlled, allowing it to over pronate, (roll in too far) or simply go flat upon weight bearing, the bio mechanical balance is thrown off and the lesser metatarsal joints receive more pressure of the weight load than they are designed to carry. This is usually the root cause of most foot pain, lack of proper bio mechanical balance. The flat foot is the foot type that foot pain is most prominent.  

There are two types of flat feet. A hyperflexible flat foot, and a rigid flat foot. The hyperflexible flat foot is the most common and the best to have if you have to be a flat foot.  A flexible flat foot may be guided with the use of an ezWalker Custom Orthotic to a better bio mechanical gait or step.  A strong motion control shoe, such as that of the Brooks Addiction Walker, coupled with an ezWalker Custom Orthotic will give the maximum support if complete control of motion is what your after.   The Addiction Walker will hold the foot in place, controlling the hyperflexibility allowing only enough motion to walk and not allowing the flexibility to be the controlling force.

A rigid flat foot is not flexible and has difficulty moving, especially while trying to walk. This type foot should be put in an accommodated ezWalker Custom Orthotic arch support to reduce pressures, and a shoe with a rocker bottom sole. A rocker bottom is a sole that is designed with a strong  rocker action in the forefoot of the shoe. This allows the foot to move without the foot itself doing any movement. As long and the ankle is flexible the rocker shoe usually works very well to enhance the ability of the rigid foot. Sometimes a double rocker, one in the heel and one in the toe of the shoes, is the answer to helping the rigid flat foot with rigid ankle joints walk with ease.

Hopefully you understand this information and decide to learn more. If so, go to www.walkezstore.com and look, read, and learn. You only have one pair of feet, so you better take good care of them. If you do, your body will also know the difference because…When your feet feel good you feel good.