Like the title? Chaplain Doug Brown came up with this idea after seeing the cover of the Johnson County Business Leader last week. 

Yes little ol’ me, I was the cover story for this months publication of the Johnson County Business Leader.  I was very flattered when approached by Rick Meyers, founder and owner of the Business Leader Publication of Hendricks and Johnson Counties and Carmel IN. He said my story is the kind of story he likes to feature because it displays the determination and entrepreneurial spirit of today’s business woman.  I was interviewed by Mike Beas and photographed by Rick himself. Both picture and article are a great reflection of what I would like to project and accomplish with the openingThe A true picture of passion and a story that tells it like it is. If you missed getting a copy, keep you eye on It should post by the end of the month. 

So the story hits the street on Nov 23rd and I didn’t even know it until the phone rang. A friend was calling to congratulate me. Soon the phone was ringing off the hook with excitement from all my friends until on call from someone I didn’t know, Chaplain Doug Brown. He was excited about the article and what’s more, he wanted to make an appointment with me for a consultation about his feet. I had a wonderful conversation and as I hung up I knew this man was special. I couldn’t wait to help him become more comfortable throughout his day. 

December 4th arrived, the day I was to meet with Chaplain Brown. He is very comfortable to talk to, as any Chaplain should be, and we had a wonderful meeting. We talked about his foot problems and the issues he has had with his knees, 3 surgeries. I did a pedigraph analysis on him and made impressions of his feet to use in the fabrication process of a new pair of custom orthotics for him. He was very impressed with my knowledge and before I could even get my impression box closed he asked if I’d be interested in conducting a seminar on foot care for the personnel of Camp Atterbury to be held at the Chapel on Base. I didn’t even hesitate, I said yes. What a gift from God. I had been praying for a way to help the men and women that serve our country. God has answered my prayers once more. He is so awesome!

I got Chaplain Brown’s ezWalker custom orthotics ready the next day and delivered them so he could start testing my product. I have produced a method of making the impressions of your feet in a way that your foot tells me what it’s looking for in the way of proper support that will help bio mechanically guide your foot to a more comfort step, each step of your day. No other method is quite like this one. In all my years as a Certified Pedorthist have I never crafted such a great orthotic, if I do say so myself. This method is almost foolproof. I can honestly say that out of the 80 some ezWalker custom orthotics of have produced in the past 8 months since my e-store has been opened, I have only given 2 refunds. Yes refunds. Most of the time you don’t even find a money back guarantee on custom orthotics, but at you will. I see no point of keeping a custom orthotic if it doesn’t feel good to you. So if you can honestly say that the ezWalker custom orthotic doesn’t make your feet feel good while supporting your entire body better than ever, return the product within 90days and receive a full refund. It doesn’t get any better than that. What have you got to loose except your pain? 

So please join us on 16 Dec… 1100 hours at the Chapel at Camp Atterbury. Console your sole at the place for your soul. You’ll be glad you did. The day will be filled with free pedigraph mapping to assess the bio mechanics of your gait, education about why your feet may hurt and information on how you can become pain free. Fitting appointments will be scheduled on the 16th to be done at a later date. 

The, All day comfort for All your everyday shoes. Remember…When your feet feel good you feel good!