I have been monitoring the tweets about arch support. I am appalled at the nonsense information I am reading. When are people going to stop writing for the sake of the marketing and write for the sake of the proper relevant information? 

I just read a blog about arch supports and they were talking about the different types. Here is the comment.

“Once you return the casting box to the manufacturer, they will design insoles that “mirror” your own feet. This kind of design will provide support for the arches and will help to control improper foot motions that can cause pain in the heels, knees and back. It’s appropriate for people that have normal or high arches, but not flat feet. If you have fallen arches, a custom insole will not provide the support that you need. Your best bet is to buy an insole that takes the place of your own arches by springing and flexing when you walk.”

I will say to that, you don’t know what your talking about. First the impression foam process is only as good as the way you put your foot into the foam. In other words, junk in is junk out. So yes you can buy orthotics on the Internet, but Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware.   If you have fallen arches, no arch support is going to take the place of your arch. It’s either going to be flexible enough to push back up with a proper bio mechanically designed custom orthotic or it will be rigid and set and will only create pain if you try to push on it. This is such a BS statement. But again, the customer is not knowledgeable enough to know the difference. So better beware!

And they talked about needing shoes with removable insoles to be able to use a custom orthotic. “The better products are made of leather, shock absorbing nitrogen injected polymers, polyurethane and other strong materials. They are long-lasting and will fit any shoe that has a removable insole. It is important to choose a shoe with extra depth and a wide, deep toe-box. Shoes that are of poor quality will not work with the better arch supports.

This is a half truth. It is a fact that the leathers and nitrogen iinjected polymers and polyurethanes are stronger and longer lasting. But it is not necessary to buy a shoe with a removable insole. 

With my custom orthotic, the ezWalker from www.walkezstore.com no longer do you need a shoe that is specially designed for a custom orthotic. The ezWalker is ultra thin and 3/4 length and fits in any shoe. I can even make the ezWalker to fit into high heels and dance shoes. This only quality orthotic I know of on the Internet. What makes the ezWalker from www.walkezstore.com better than the rest? It’s my casting technique. I will send you an impression kit so you can make impressions of your feet, but the instructions you will receive will teach you how to make a proper bio mechanical impression of your feet. You foot, because of the manner in which you will place it into the impression foam, will determine how much arch support it wants and just exactly where to put the maximum amount of that support. You see if I can capture your hind foot and control pronation, I can guide your forefoot into a better step every step you take. This will increase balance and stability, improve posture, take stress and strain off joints and lesson fatigue, allowing you to remain more comfortable throughout your day and into the night.  And the best part, the ezWalker works or your money back. Not only is this a quality orthotic, but it comes with a 90day money back guarantee.  If you can honestly tell me that you received no relief from the use of your ezWalker, simply return it within 90 days and you’ll receive a 100% refund. No where do you find that kind of a guarantee on custom orthotics. Most places say if it’s custom, it’s yours. Not at The Walkezstore. I believe in customer satisfaction. 

So no matter what your problem is, flat foot syndrome, plantar fasciitis, morton toe, bunions, etc. If your feet hurt, try the ezWalker. You’ve got nothing to loose but your pain! 

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