Physical therapy helps people recuperating from injuries and surgeries to reclaim their strength and dexterity. Nonetheless, even in the case of lower body injuries and painful foot ailments; physical therapy can bring significant relief. When orthotic insoles and staying off the feet don’t supply enough relief for the pain, it’s likely a more serious injury is occurring inside the foot. It’s a good idea to see your foot doctor to have X-Rays taken and to get professional advice. Nonetheless, once that’s finished, some very effective foot therapy exercises can give relief to alleviate the pain. Here are three effective options that can be useful in these cases.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Can Be as Simple as Exercising

Plantar Fasciitis is a very common foot condition. This problem, if not taken care of promptly, may be conducive to the formation of added bone spurring that can stab muscles, nerves, and tendons, causing severe pain. Despite the fact that athletes and dancers frequently develop this condition, anyone can suffer from plantar fasciitis.  Sometimes surgery is needed to extract the heel spur that has developed in the bottom of the foot. Despite the fact that surgical intervention sometimes cannot be avoided, physical therapy can be started to alleviate the pain and hopefully prompt the tissues in the foot to heal completely. According to sports doctors, a stretching exercise known as the “Gastroc Stretch” can help”provide significant relief. This involves standing and flexing the toes towards the ceiling, such as on a wedge or ramp. Then, with straightened legs, lean the body forward a bit to allow for a total stretch. It is also recommended to use a custom orthotic support in your shoes to avoid any overuse from lack of proper support, and to wear a night splint to speed healing. This is crucial for rapid recovery. 

Sharp Pains in the Feet May Mean that Treatment for Flat Feet is Necessary

Therapy for low arches is required when an individual has extremely low arches and does not use proper arch support in their shoes. Proper support can be provided to the foot by wearing orthotic insoles. Treatment starts with being checked by a specialist immediately if sharp arch pain or heel pain are occurring. Once that has been finished, ultrasound therapy has proven to be helpful in resolving this painful condition. Given that the problem with low arches is an overstretched arch that is flattened, the therapeutic fix can involve massage, which can assist in relieving the pain. Usually, a custom orthotic like the ezwalker from worn in the shoes will help rectify the problem.

What to Do When Pronation Causes Foot Pain

Although pronation is a normal part of the movement of the foot while walking or running, when the foot rolls towards the outside (under-pronation) or  rolls to the inside (over-pronation), issues can start. In the latter, the arch receives the full impact of the body’s load and can flatten over time as well as cause plantar fasciitis. Using orthotic shoe inserts like the ezWalker is the most-effective treatment for this, and can assist the foot in healing  the problem. As far as physical therapy, exercises to make the arch stronger such as standing on tiptoes and flexing the foot while sitting down can help. See your podiatrist if pain persists.

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