My previous blog talked about the outragous costs in the orthotic arch support industry. It was titled, “Don’t Pay More Than You Have to for Quality Custom Orthotics.”  No matter what you buy quality is important, and we all look for the best deal. At The you’ll find the ezWalker, the highest quality custom orthotics available on the web.  After purchasing your ezWalker, you’ll be sent a casting kit with instructions on how to make a proper bio mechanical impression of your foot in the impression foam. From that an orthotic will be fabricated that will out preform all the rest. You may expect to pay the standard $300 to $600 for such quality. But no! will bring you high quality custom orthotics at a fraction of price of most others on the market. There are even some products on the market of lesser quality and performance that are more expensive than the ezWalker.  

Quality custom orthotics at a fraction of the price of most other custom orthotics. What a concept! But wait,  it gets even better. The has a 90day 100% money back guarantee. If the ezWalker Custom Orthotics has not made you more comfortable within 90 days, return the product for a full refund. No other store offers that kind of a deal on custom orthotics. Most don’t offer a refund at all. The Good Feet Store only sells OTC arch supports and they don’t give refunds, only in store credit.  

You can pay any amount you want for a pair of shoes, but if they don’t have in the inside what your foot is looking for in the way of proper support, you may as well through your money away. With a quality ezWalker custom orthotic in your shoes and a money back guarantee you’ve got nothing  to loose but your pain? 

So before you buy any kind of arch support for your feet, be it custom or over the counter, check out the info at Here you can depend on proper information, put to you in simple terms. And if you don’t find what your looking for, don’t hesitate to contact customer service. This store has the best customer service in the business. The cares about you and your feet because when your feet feel good you feel good.