Do you realize the mark up in the retail world? It used to be, if you were a store owner and you sold goods, you would buy the item for a buck and sell it for two. That was called Keystone Markup. Over the years with the rising cost of rent, utilities, insurance, telephone, and general overhead increasing, the markup of goods has increased 2,3,4,6 and sometimes 900% depending on the industry. Jewelry and furniture and two of the worst. Running a close second is the orthotic and arch support industry. Services have gotten out of hand as well. 

So when you go shopping for something to make your feet feel better, where do you think of first? Usually the store that does the most TV advertising. In the arch support industry that would be Dr. Scholls and The Good Feet Store. Now Dr. Scholls has been around a very long time. They make shoes and all kinds of products to help make your feet feel better, and are conviently found in local super stores such as Target, Meijer, Walmart, and most drug stores. It’s too bad that most of their products are made of poor quality materials and don’t hold up very long or do a very good job, because of this low quality. And the Good Feet Store, well I know where they get their money for all those TV ads.  They hire people trained to sell, not professional certified personnel experienced in pedorthics trained to know what to do to help you walk better and correct bio mechanical issues with your feet. They don’t sell custom orthotics made just for your feet and your feet only, they just sell over the counter arch supports made in mirror matched images. So no certified professional fitting services can be given and no real custom orthotics are being sold. They train people to sell over the counter, mass produced, arch supports, and they sell them at about a 600 to 900% mark up. You think that’s good business? It is if your trying to fund a TV marketing campaign.

But why try to sell people false claims of custom fitted orthotics, when in reality there’s nothing custom or orthotic about them. The word orthotic refers to an arch support device that has been crafted from a mold of your feet and made independently of one an other. Just like your prescription eye glasses are designed independently for each eye. Don’t buy low quality, over the counter arch supports, or fall for high priced marketing campaigns, and be fooled by high pressure “trained to sell” salespeople. Go to a real Certified Pedorthist with your best foot comfort in mind. Find a C-Ped with integrity, start here  Learn what a C-Ped is and how working with one can help you put your best foot forward. 

Here’s another bit of information the general public should be aware of. The orthotic industry is full of very expensive junk. A good orthotic is only as good as the impression that is taken to make the mold to fabricate the orthotic. Junk in is junk out. So if you don’t have a good casting technique you are not going to get a good orthotic. And there are allot of casting techniques out there, but only one ezWalker casting technique. It’s based on a 3 point bio mechanical method, with a little twist at the end for the best custom orthotic on the market. Not to mention the ezWalker is 3/4 length and so ultra thin that it works in any type of footwear you want to wear. Oh, and it’s about 1/2 the cost of other custom orthotics, and really beats the price of the Good Feet Store OTC arch supports because the mark up on an ezWalker is only 150%.  That means with an ezWalker from The, the shoes that fit your eyes, can truly be the shoes that fit your feet, and will cost you less. Other facilities making bio mechanical custom orthotics are in the neighborhood of about $450 to $700. This is because the industry has worked for many years to get these prices to be the standard. This is crazy. Custom Orthotics should be so affordable, that most people can buy them because all people need them. Shoes are made in mirror matched images, feet are not. With a bio mechanically sound custom ezWalker orthotic the fits in all your shoes, there’s no reason to be uncomfortable. Don’t pay more than you have to for quality custom orthotics. Visit .  At The foot pain is not an option. Remember….. when your feet feel good you feel good.