Time after time I’ve seen people that have gotten a pair of shoes from their podiatrist and they won’t wear them because they don’t feel good. Why is that. You would think a Dr who has specialized in feet would know they best how to fit shoes. Truth is, they’ve never have any training on proper shoe fitting. And what’s more, they are trained by the labs how to do castings for custom orthotics. All they do is the casting, the lab does all the rest. And then they charge outrageous prices for the orthotics and turn it into your insurance that won’t pay the entire amount anyway so they take a tax write off for the rest. It’s a very nice system as long as your not the one paying for it. But guess what? You are, because you’re paying the ins. premiums. It’s a game, and very expensive game, and the doctors are the benefactors.  

I mean seriously, would you go to a Certified Pedorthist to have a bunion removed? Oh course not. You would to go to a person that has been specially trained to do that. That would be a foot doctor. So why would you go to a foot doctor to get a pair of shoes? Or why would you ask your foot doctor if your shoes fit ok?  He/She knows feet, not shoe fit, unless trained otherwise.  

Sure once in a while you’ll run into a DPM that has taken the extra classes necessary to learn better how to fit footwear and orthotics, and even some of them have gone as far as to get their Certification in Pedorthics. I commend those who have, but all should be required to be a Certified Shoe Fitter and Pedorthist, or they should leave that job up to us who are. 

If you want some good amo before you go to the DPM, check out this info,  http://walkezstore.wpengine.com/shoeSizing.php.  This information and these visuals will teach you how to best fit your shoes and why some shoes fit and some don’t.  Always look for the pattern of shoe that best fits the shape of your feet, always fit to the arch of your foot and not your toe length, and remember a customer interior like the ezWalker custom orthotic that is designed with proper bio mechanics of the foot in mind is a must. A custom orthotic like the ezWalker will redirect your feet to walk much more bio mechanically sound increasing balance and stability, decreasing pain and fatigue, by enhancing your gait every step of the way. Everyone with feet can benefit from this level of support in their shoes. Shoes are made in mirror matched images and feet are not. Put a custom orthotic like the ezWalker in your shoes and wallah, you have custom shoes. A properly fitted pair of shoes with a custom ezWalker orthotic inside will even enhance your overall health because you will feel better and feeling better makes you healthier. Simple as that.

Oh, and let me be the one to tell you, an orthotic is only really an orthotic, if it has been specifically designed to fit your feet and no one else’s. That means, everything else is just an arch support. Most so called custom orthotics aren’t really custom at all. They’re mass produced in mirror matched images and sold to you in pairs over the counter, and may or may not work well for you. Nothing is better than true, quality, custom orthotics. 

By the way, those comercials you see on TV for the Good Feet Store… They don’t hire Certified Pedorthists to run those stores and they don’t sell custom orthotics. They only sell over the counter, mass produced, arch supports. And they sell them at about a 900% mark up. That’s crazy! Don’t fall for their high priced marketing campaigns and their highly “trained to sell” salespeople. Go to a real Certified Pedorthist, and you can start here http://walkezstore.wpengine.com/about.html. 

Something else, this industry is full of very expensive junk. A good orthotic is only as good as the impression that is taken to make the mold to fabricate the orthotic. Junk in is junk out. So if you don’t have a good casting technique you are not going to get a good orthotic. And there are allot of casting techniques out there, but only one ezWalker casting technique. It’s based on a 3 point bio mechanical method, with a little twist at the end for the best custom orthotic on the market. Not to mention the ezWalker is 3/4 length and so ultra thin that it works in any type of footwear you want to wear. Oh, and it’s about 1/2 the cost of other custom orthotics, and really beats the price of the Good Feet Store OTC arch supports because the mark up on an ezWalker is only 150%.  That means with an ezWalker from The Walkezstore.com, the shoes that fit your eyes, can be the shoes that fit your feet, and will cost you less. 

So before you buy any kind of arch support for your feet, be it custom or over the counter, check out the info at http://walkezstore.wpengine.com/home.html. Here you can depend on proper information, put to you in simple terms, and if you don’t find what your looking for, don’t hesitate to contact customer service. This store has the best customer service in the business. The Walkezstore.com cares about you and your feet because when your feet feel good you feel good.