Roger is a normal 67 year old man retired from his desk job and doesn’t know what to do now that he isn’t working anymore. He always enjoyed tinkering around the house fixing things so he went to the local Home Depot and applied for a job. Of course they hired him, why wouldn’t they. He’s reliable, knows hardware, no health problems, and is outgoing and helpful. Great, he thinks till he spends a few days on the job working on concrete floors. Remember, he has never worked on his feet before, and that’s not the worst of it. Roger suffers from hyper flexible flat foot that through the years has created a bunion deformity on both feet. Ouch!

Roger is at work one day and is asked by a customer where the plumbing dept is. That customer happened to be my brother, Bill. As Roger preceded to show him they took off walking toward that dept. Bill noticed he was walking a bit like he was in pain, so my brother ask him why he was limping. Roger began to explain that his feet hurt because of the concrete floors he works on. Bill ask him if he would like to feel better and of course Roger was all ears. So Bill told him about me and my new store The My brother is a good brother and carries my business cards with him, so he gave one to Roger. He told Roger that if he let me help him he would be amazed at how good his feet could feel. Roger called me the next day. 

After getting some history on Roger and his problem feet, I discovered he has for all of his life, suffered from a hereditary condition known as hyper flexibility or flat foot syndrome. He said “I just thought these were the feet I had to live with. My fathers feet looked like this as well as my grandfather’s feet looked like this. I just thought I had their feet and there’s nothing I can do about it. 

First let me say, isn’t it a shame that never once in 68 years has a doctor every said anything to Roger about his foot deformity and guided him toward a certified pedorthist that could help him. Even worse, Roger recently suffered a bad ankle sprain and had been treated by a doctor that never said anything to him other than, “wear this medical boot for 6 weeks and come back and see me.” Roger was to have his second follow up appointment in just a few days and had been out of the medical boot for a few short weeks. He told me that he keeps his boot in the car in case the ankle gets to bothering him at work. He has not gotten completely away from wearing it even though the doctor said he no longer needed it. His thoughts were, “If it is hurting and I wear the boot and it doesn’t hurt, then the boot helps. His theory is correct, but the boot isn’t the only answer.

I measured Roger for a good work duty boot, one that would help protect his ankle and did a bio mechanically correct, foam box casting impression of his feet so I could fabricate him an ezWalker custom orthotic, something the doctor should have done even during the healing process while he was wearing the boot. Roger should have been in properly designed custom orthotics from the age of about 5. There is a good possibility Roger’s growth plates in his feet would have formed better and he would not have suffered as much throughout his life. Roger admitted to me that he had injured his feet and ankles many times through the years. I didn’t doubt it. Feet like Roger’s are prone to injury and suffer almost daily. 

I ordered Roger a pair of work boots and a pair of  Brooks Beast athletic shoes. The Beast is a great shoes for everyday wear because it is a motion control running shoe and has wonderful support and comfort. I constructed Roger a full length ezWalker so I could do certain minor adjustments to the forefoot of his orthotic that would release the undesirable pressure points that had been created over the years from the way his feet were walking. Roger called me in two days and said he had a bit of a problem with 2 of his toes. I had Roger come back and I did a minor adjustment to the orthotic and he instantly felt relief. I needed to release the pressure just a bit more for his complete comfort. That’s easy to do. All I do is create a doughnut hole under the pressure point and then the pressure point is suspended in the hole which takes all the pressure off. Some people say it’s amazing what I can do inside a shoe to make it feel better. One lady just recently said I was a “shoe mechanic”. I guess you could say that. I take em apart and put em back together so they feel a whole lot better. Sometimes it’s just a matter of building the inside with what the foot is asking for. My casting process allows your foot to tell me what it wants. There’s no guess work which make my ezWalker almost foolproof. That’s why I offer a 90 day 100% money back guarantee.

So I got a phone call from my brother yesterday. He said he had been to the Home Depot to get some supplies, he’s remodeling his house, and he ran into Roger. Bill told me that Roger said to tell me his feet feel wonderful and he thanked Bill for telling him about me. That’s always great to hear. I love helping people walk more comfortably in their shoes. I always say, “You don’t have shoes till you have ezWalkin shoes.” 

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