I have one thing to say about arch supports, If your gonna wear them, make them the best for your feet for the money you spend. 

Ok, let’s do some math. Decent over the counter arch supports cost an average of $50 and last an average of 8 months before they are broken down and really doing you no good. A professional pair of custom orthotics from a doctor costs an average of $400 and last 5 years. (Our feet change and should be evaluated every 5 years anyway.) That’s $375 for over the counter arch supports in a period of 5 years or $400 for custom orthotics in the same period of time. The custom, which should be a better product, but sometimes is no better than the over the counter products, has actually cost $25 more. In both cases, these products usually have no return factor due to certain board of health rules or the fact that custom is custom therefore it cannot be returned. It’s yours whether it works or not. 

What if I told you that you could get a high quality, custom orthotic, with a 90 day %100 money back guarantee for only $299. Now do that math and you have custom orthotics for only $60 a year. That’s a savings of $15 a year over arch supports that aren’t even custom. 

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Your foot, knee, hip, and back pain is usually due to lack of proper support in your shoes. Proper shoe fit is important too. Go to www.walkezstore.com/shoeSizing.php for instructions on how to get the best shoe fit for your feet. When you have the right fit coupled with the right type of support, you have feet that don’t hurt and a body that will love you for choosing the ezWalker. And you’ll have more money in your pocket with the exceptional price-line. With The Walkezstore.com money back guarantee what have you got to loose? Nothing but your pain. And the ezWalker is so ultra thin and only 3/4 length, so it fits in any type shoe you want to wear. Even fashionable high heels and dance shoes. Made for both men and women, there’s an ezWalker for dress shoes, sport and casual shoes, one for heavy duty work, and of course special order full length cosmetically correct ones for sandals with removable insoles.  Just contact customer service for more details about the cosmetically correct ezWalker. Don’t spend a fortune at some high priced over the counter arch support store.     Do it right with The Walkezstore.com.                                                                                                                     Call today – 888-3-WALK-EZ or go to www.walkezstore.com.                                 Sign up for our educational e-mails. We want you to understand your feet.                                                                                                                 Because when your feet feel good you feel good.