I sick and tired of the word Orthotic being used in the wrong way. What is an Orthotic? An Orthotic is an arch support that has been made especially for you and no one else. So how can a company like Dr Scholls boast that they have a machine in stores that will tell you which Orthotic to buy. Maybe it would be more accurate if they said they have a machine that will tell you which over the counter massed produced arch support to buy for your feet. That would be the truth. Over the counter arch supports have not earn the right to be called an Orthotic. Only a true custom made specifically for the specifications of your feet Orthotic have earned that title. An Orthotic is only an Orthotic if it has been made for you and you only and should at least be designed to accommodate your feet to reduce pressure points and make your time on your feet more comfortable. But more so, if you are generally healthy and have normal flexibility in your feet, I hope your Custom Orthotic has been made to enhance your gait by redirecting your feet in a way that makes them walk more bio mechanically efficient. That’s really what arch support is all about. Sure the over the counter arch supports are better than nothing, but sometimes they are more of a hinder than a help. Only your feet know what they want and not some pre made arch support. So only a quality crafted Custom Orthotic is always the best way to go. So if you really want to know where you pressure points are in your feet look at the insoles inside they shoes you already wear. That’s the real truth. The shoes you’ve been wearing all day for at least 4 to 6 weeks will tell you more  than you want to know about your feet. If you go to a Dr. about your feet pain and he doesn’t look at the shoes you’ve been wearing, find another Dr. 

About those digital machines that claim to be able to tell you where your pressure points are, phooey. Stand on one of those machines and just barely shift you body weight from one side to the other. Watch the pressure changes. These machines are so sensitive that you can make it say about anything you want it to without even knowing it. So don’t waist your time or your money. Go to www.walkezstore.com and contact a Certified Pedorthist there for a true and honest evaluation of your feet. Yes honest! Everyone can benefit from a Custom Orthotic, no doubt about it. However, buyer be aware when it comes to quality Custom Orthotics. For that matter, buyer be aware when it comes to over the counter arch support. How do you know what your feet really want helping them inside your shoes. Only your feet know that and at The Walkezstore.com you will be guaranteed to receive a Custom ezWalker Orthotic that will help your feet feel better or you money back. If you can honestly say that the ezWalker didn’t help you in the least bit, just contact The Walkezstore.com for instructions on sending your ezWalker back for a full refund. No where else will you find this kind of quality Custom Orthotics at such a great price. And if your not satisfied,  a 100% money back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to loose except your pain.

When ordering a Custom Orthotic, all stores use impression foam. The Walkezstore.com is the only place on the web where you will be instructed how to make a bio mechanically correct impression of your foot. A good impression will get you a great Orthotic. A bad impression will get you a bad Orthotic. Junk in is junk out. So don’t be fooled by lesser quality. Do your homework, you won’t find anyplace on the web making Custom Orthotics with higher quality and a lower price than The Walkezstore.com. 

Be careful not to get ripped of when your thinking about buying an arch support. Spend you money right the first time. Buy a true quality Custom ezWalker Orthotic from The Walkezstore.com and remember…When your feet feel good you feel good.