Do you go through your day in pain. If so, I feel bad for you. You don’t have to suffer, because foot pain is not an option.

That’s if you know what I know, and you can if you just follow me to .

When you go to you’ll find information on just about everything that may be causing your foot pain. Here you will find 3 pictures of a foot. Ok so you’ll find 3 pictures of my feet. Yes those are my feet. Anyway, if you scroll your mouse over my feet, there will be parts that will highlight in red. Red because red means inflammation. Nice! Just click on the inflammation and you will go to information about that condition that may be causing your pain. Most of these conditions have their root in an unsupported foot. Yes all feet need good support just like all cars need good tires. 

How do you get proper support for ALL your shoes? That’s an easy one. You purchase an ezWalker from . An ezWalker is a custom crafted orthotic arch support designed just for your feet. Yes your feet, not someone else’s feet. Unlike an over the counter arch support, an ezWalker is designed just for your feet, the right independent of the left. Custom is just that, custom. No two feet are alike, but shoes are made in mirror matched images. So if you put an ezWalker in your shoes, you now have custom shoes designed for your feet and nobody else’s. Imagine putting your feet into a pair of shoes that has been specially made just for you. It don’t get no better than this.

So go to and don’t hesitate. Get yourself an ezWalker today. Make your shoes feel like they walk for you. Remember…When your feet feel good you feel good.